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  • USSR Champion 1982.

    The main success in the history of our club is the victory in the championship of the Soviet Union in 1982.

  • Seven-time champion of Belarus: 1992, 1992/1993, 1993/1994, 1994/1995, 1995, 1997, 2004.

    "Dinamo-Minsk" became the champions of Belarus 7 times.

    Dinamo won first 5 Championships of modern Belarus in a row. After a two seasons break Dinamo became the winners of the Belarusian championship once again.

    The last time "Dinamo-Minsk" became the champions of the country was in 2004.

  • Three-time winner of the Belarus Cup: 1992, 1993/1994, 2002/2003.

    Three times "Dinamo-Minsk" became the owners of the Belarus Cup.

    Twice - at the very beginning of the independent Belarusian football (1992 and 1993/1994 seasons), and the last time - in 2003.

  • Six-time champion of the BSSR: 1937, 1938, 1939, 1945, 1951, 1975

    The BSSR Championship in the Soviet football was the competition among youth teams.

    And mainly reserve team of "Dinamo-Minsk" took part in the tournament.

    "Dinamo" 6 times became champions of the BSSR championship.

  • Two-time winner of the BSSR Cup: 1936, 1940.

    Byelorussian SSR Cup tournament has been holding from 1936 to 1991. "Dinamo-Minsk" twice in its history became the owner of this cup: in the distant 1936 and 1940.



Yesterday, the first international tournament Prokopenko Cup-2022 among teams born in 2010 and 2014 ended in the Minsk indoor football arena. We talk about the main results of the competition. 

Based on the results of all U-8 matches played, the following three winners were determined: the gold medals went to the team of FC Minsk, silver to the team Unicum (Barysau), and the third place went to our guys born in 2014, coaches Dzmitry Koub and Aliaksander Sukhopski. Note that all three teams gained the same number of points and prizes were determined by goals difference.  

Individual awards in the U-8 group:

Best goalkeeper - Nazar Varanovich (Minsk)

Best defender - Kulikou Bazhen (Dinamo-Minsk)

Best forward - Daniil Staratsitarau (Unicum)

Best player - Daniel Afanasieu (Minsk) 

In the U-12 age category, the first place went to the team of FC Zenit. They won our guys in the final match with a score of 3:0. Dzmitry Chalei team fought to the end for the gold medals of the tournament, but in the last match, nevertheless, they could not beat their direct competitors. The team of FC "Dnepr-Mogilev" took the bronze medals, defeating the second team of the blue-whites with a minimum score of 1:0.

Individual awards in the U-12 group:

Best goalkeeper - Serafim Kavaliou

Best defender - Aliaksander Stryzhkou (Zenit)

Best midfielder - Stakhovich Artsiom (Dinamo-Minsk-2)

Best Forward - Verenik Uladzislau (Dinamo-Minsk-2)

Best player - Nabiullin Marat (Zenit)

We thank all the teams for participating and congratulate the winners of the first international tournament Prokopenko Cup-2022! The full photo gallery of the final day can be found in our Dinamo Academy group in VK. See you again, friends.