• USSR Champion 1982.

    The main success in the history of our club is the victory in the championship of the Soviet Union in 1982.

  • Seven-time champion of Belarus: 1992, 1992/1993, 1993/1994, 1994/1995, 1995, 1997, 2004.

    "Dinamo-Minsk" became the champions of Belarus 7 times.

    Dinamo won first 5 Championships of modern Belarus in a row. After a two seasons break Dinamo became the winners of the Belarusian championship once again.

    The last time "Dinamo-Minsk" became the champions of the country was in 2004.

  • Three-time winner of the Belarus Cup: 1992, 1993/1994, 2002/2003.

    Three times "Dinamo-Minsk" became the owners of the Belarus Cup.

    Twice - at the very beginning of the independent Belarusian football (1992 and 1993/1994 seasons), and the last time - in 2003.

  • Six-time champion of the BSSR: 1937, 1938, 1939, 1945, 1951, 1975

    The BSSR Championship in the Soviet football was the competition among youth teams.

    And mainly reserve team of "Dinamo-Minsk" took part in the tournament.

    "Dinamo" 6 times became champions of the BSSR championship.

  • Two-time winner of the BSSR Cup: 1936, 1940.

    Byelorussian SSR Cup tournament has been holding from 1936 to 1991. "Dinamo-Minsk" twice in its history became the owner of this cup: in the distant 1936 and 1940.

History Milestones

The birthday of Dinamo Minsk is considered to be the date of the first documented team's match. It took place on June 18, 1927 in Smolensk, where two Dinamos from Minsk and Smolensk met. Dinamo Minsk won its first ever victory - 2:1. That same year, 1927, «Dinamo» also won its first trophy - Championship of the BSSR.
Dinamo Minsk receives the status of a professional team and wins the Cup of the Belorussian SSR.
Dinamo Minsk was included into the Class «А» of the USSR Championship. However, «Dinamo»managed to play only seven matches in that fateful year. The World War II has come ...
In the season of 1954 the team was playing under the new name. All players and coaches who have won the right to participate in Class «А» were now playing for «Spartak» from Minsk. That was a successful season under the new name. For the first time a team from Minsk won bronze medals of the Soviet Union Championship.
In 1960 the team was renamed again. At this time the name was «Belarus». The team was supposed represent the entire Belarusian republic and compete with the best football teams of the Soviet Union. The players from «Spartak» Minsk , «Urozhai» and from other teams from around the republic got together in «Belarus».
The short historical path of «Belarus» came to an end. The team returned back to its original name - «Dinamo»
As soon as the team came back to its historical backgrounds, it won the bronze medals in the championship of the USSR.
«Dinamo» Minsk reached the final of the USSR CUP were in a stubborn struggle lost to «Spartak» from Moscow.
For the first time in its history «Dinamo» won the title of the Champion of the Soviet Union. «Dinamo» has started the season of 1982 without any warming up. «Dinamo» was using its attacking style of game even in away matches. Playing boldly and efficiently «Dinamo» Minsk ended up on the top.
The win in its «Golden season» of 1982 let «Dinamo» debuting the next year in the most prestigious European tournament - the Champions Cup. In the USSR Championship in 1983 «Dinamo» Minsk was still looking bright and original. The only thing the team was missing from the previous season was stability. This time «Dinamo» finished with bronze medals.
«Dinamo» Minsk reached the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup. The Champions' Cup campaign was interrupted by «Dinamo» from Bucharest. «Dinamo» Minsk home match was held in Tbilisi (Georgia) and ended in a draw. In away match «Dinamo» Minsk lost with a minimal score 0-1.
In the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup «Dinamo» Minsk was stopped by «Željeznicar» Sarajevo: on the road loss (0-2) and at home draw (1-1).
«Dinamo» Minsk reached the final of the USSR Cup. But after the dramatic match lost in penalty shot-outs to «Dinamo» Kiev. Nevertheless, just being the finalist of the USSR Cup «Dinamo» Minsk managed to debut in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.
«Dinamo» Minsk debuted in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. On the road to semifinals Dinamo was stopped by «Mechelen» from Belgium: on the road loss (0-1) and at home draw (1-1).
After the collapse of the Soviet Union «Dinamo» Minsk joint the championship of Belarus and on the first attempt won the champion title and the cup.
Being staffed with the strongest players of the republic, «Dinamo» Minsk was practically unbeatable, and easily won the second championship and the cup of the season.
Another successful season for «Dinamo» Minsk. The team again made a double, winning the championship and the cup.
This year included two championships (full and shortened). «Dinamo» Minsk celebrated its victory in both. However, the pursuers were becoming stronger and stronger and with every year louder declared their claims to the champions throne.
«Dinamo» Minsk regained the champion title, lost in the previous year, but it was obvious that the team was entering the period of stagnation.
A new owner of the club - the board of directors of CJSC «Dinamo-Minsk» was headed by nationally known philanthropist and businessman, head of «Triple» company - Jouri Chyzh. From now the situation in «Dinamo» improved. The team regained leadership in national football.
«Dinamo-Minsk» won the bronze medals of the Belarusian Championship
«Dinamo-Minsk» is one step away from the champions title, the second place in the Belarusian Championship.
The Belarusian Cup enriched already impressive collation trophies of «Dinamo» Minsk. But in the championship team was not so convincing - only bronze medals.
Showing attractive attacking football during all championship long «Dinamo» Minsk won its long-awaited champions title.
Despite all expectations, the team failed to defend the champions title and finished the championship on the second place.
Another silver season for «Dinamo» Minsk. However, until the last moment the team saved a good chance for the championship.
This ambiguous season brought «Dinamo» Minsk one more set of silver medals on the national championship.
An impressive spurt at the finish line was not enough for «Dinamo» Minsk to get on top - second place again.
«Dinamo» Minsk was never as close to get to the group stage of the Europa League, but in the playoff round it was defeated twice by «Brugge» (1:2 - on the road, 2:3 - home).
After two years without medals «Dinamo» Minsk was back to a medalists pool. Third place and bronze of the Belarusian Championship.
After 10 years since the last win of the Belarusian Cup «Dinamo» Minsk reached the final but lost in penalty shootouts. In the Europa League team passed hroug two stages and reached third qualifying round. The second year in a row, «Dinamo» Minsk finished on the third place of the championship with bronze medals.
Having a real chance to win the championship team, however, once again comes to the finish line second. For the first time in the "Dinamo" recent history, having passed three qualifying rounds out the group stage of the Europa League.
After a mixed season, "Dinamo", however, once again takes second place in the championship. In the Europa League, white and blue once again overcome the three qualifying rounds and won "Salzburg" in a dramatic penalty shoot-out for the second year in a row in the group stage of the Europa League, which wins the first home victory in the competition - at Pilsen "Victoria".
In the "Dinamo" national championship finish in third place. In the Europa League to repeat the achievement of the previous years could not - passed two rounds of qualification "Dinamo" in the third stumbles and does not go out in the group stage.
Throughout the tournament "Dinamo" was claiming the victory in the championship, but after earning equal points and sharing the 1-2 places missed gold medals because of the additional indicators .... In the Europa League the team passed two rounds of qualification, stumbled in the third round and didn't make it to the group stage.
During the first half of the season, "Dinamo" confidently held in the top three, successfully played in the qualification of the Europa League. Painful defeat in the 3rd round from St-Petersburg "Zenit" (5:8 on aggregate) also influenced the performance in the Championship. As a result - only 3rd place.