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Belarusian national team U-21 taking part in the CIS Cup in St. Petersburg will play semifinal match against South Africa team.




Among others, Dinamo Minsk player, whoes goal to Kazakhstan team was one of the best on the tuornament, Yaraslau Yarotski is also preparing for the match.

Belarusians made it to the semifinals and here is a short interview with Yaraslau before the important match.


How's the weather in St. Petersburg?
- Normal weather, it is not very cold, although in the last couple of days got colder.

What did you do during last days?
- In general, went on short walks or spend time in the hotel. Didn't go to any excursions. Wanted to go for one, but didn't managed to.

During the group stage our team won 3 matches, showed good football and never missed a goal. What is the reason of such a good result?
- We had a good spirit when gathered after the holidays. Worked fruitfully and prepared well. The initial task of the team was to make to the second stage ffrom the firat palce.

At the tournament, you appear only as a replacement player, what's the problem?
- Not quite ready physically. I don't feel like playing the whole match. It is hard for me to last to the very end of the training, that's why the coach let me in only for the time I can actaully play.

In the match against Finaland you had a reverse substitution. What went wrong?
- Not successfully came off the bench. Not that was playing bad, just could not complete the plan for the game of the coach. Therefore, I was rapidly replaced.

Quarterfinal was very rough, where difficulties came from?
- We had a very good opponent. Kazakhs were very seriously preparing for the match, we knew that they would fight to the end and tuned for match in the most serious way. Nevertheless, we were able to achieve the result.


You scored a very good goal. And, moreover, heleped to the team. Feel happy?
- Most important that I evened the score and thus helped the team. Of course, I'm very happy I that scored.


Confidence has increased?
- Yes, definitely. I'm getting better and better physically during the tournament and I hope that I'm ready to play from the start.

What is the atmosphere in the team before today's match?
- Ready to fight. We are ready to win. Only in this way.

Team of South Africa, probably is the most interesting opponent for you?
- Already in early age I was playing against strong teams, Italy, for example. Africans - are strong guys. It will be interesting.



Watch the match Belarus U-21 - South Africa U21 today, January 23, at 16:30 on the official channel of the CIS Cup


Photos: official website of the CIS CUP


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