The first half is over.


Afterword about the first quarterfinal match.





"Guys, the main thing is to fight on the field, fight until the final whistle, then we will be with you until the very end" - this was the key message of Dinamo fans visit to Saturday’s training in Stayki. Of course, the visit of the fans to the pre-match training added more fire to the eyes of the players before the match. And it worked. Dinamo showed a really  good football, despite many obstacles. The team played with a soul, with a spark in their hearts. And the "blue-white" fan sector did not let the players go for a long time after the match, applauding and chanting. Both, the team and the fan sector deserved a deep respect today.



What obstacles were mentioned? Plenty of them. Firstly, do not forget that in the off-season our team was pretty well updated, there were a lot of newcomers. The coaching staff did a tremendous job in order to organize teamwork on the field. Secondly - injuries. By the end of the Turkish training camp, the team lost Rios, Brucic, Lozhkin and Bakhar. Also, do not forget about Plotnikau and Viarheichyk, who continue to recover. Upon returning to Minsk Kazlou has also fallen out from the squad. And finaly, Goropevshek is serving a disciplinary punishment for the misconduct while being a player of "Volyn". Nevertheless, yesterday a ready-to-fight Dinamo squad entered the field.



Before the match. For the first time, #byClasico was held at the renewed Dinamo Stadium. The first match of the season, the first derby between fierce rivals - what a great event! As always, our club organized a cool fan zone, where everyone could have a good and positive time before the starting whistle. Worth mentioning, our fan sector, which drove the team forward without stopping all 90 minutes, looked very colorful, powerful and bright. By the way, Maksim Plotnikau was among the active fans. He managed to give out autographs before the match, and then joined the fans to support his teammates.



One of the intrigues was game kit for the new season. Dinamo players entered the field in new game sets from Saller. But this was a temporary version. Before the official start if the championship,  we will have a full-fledged presentation of the team, where you will see our new game form, with an individual design. Today's t-shirts, still looked very well, but a force-measure. Unfortunately, the raging virus not only disrupts sporting events in Europe, but also interferes with such things as the delivery of equipment to the destination



Now back to the field. It was really interesting and intriguing. It would seem that on paper the composition of yellow-blues looked more convincing then Dinamo's. But Dinamo showed a good and high-quality game. Already in the first minute Chyzh, who closed the cross from the corner, had an excellent opportunity to score. The team played a pressure and did not allow BATE to even get closer to our penalty area. And they Dinamo scored! Edhar Aliakhnovich! By the way, the midfielder scored the first goal for Dinamo almost a year ago and also in the first match of the quarterfinal of the Belarus Cup. Unfortunately, we missed before the break. Maksim Skavysh took advantage of the sudden ricochet after the cross from Ihar Stasevich and equalized.



After the break, the "blue-whites" continued to pill on the pressure, but then happened that very questionable free kick, which was accurately realized by Pavel Niakhaichyk. 1:2.. Actually, this was the second and the last shot on goal from BATE. Dinamo in its turn, had the opportunity not only to even the score, but to come forward. The only thing we lacked was a final accurate shot. In the second half, Ryas, Halimonchyk and Kim appeared on the field. The Korean, actually, spent his playing time on the field very effective, creating the most dangerous moment just a minute after appearance. Despite all efforts Dinamo failed to score the second goal today.



Home defeat 1:2 - the result of the first leg of the quarterfinal match. But we still have some positive feelings. Today we saw our updated team, which hardly left anyone indifferent: desire, fire in the eyes and, most importantly, a well-coordinated and high-quality game. 11:5 - shots on goal, 5:2 - shots on target. Everything is possible in Barysau and everything is in our hands.



See you at "Borisov Arena".


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