Dinamo - Derry City. Tickets are available


Tickets for the return match of the first qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League "Dinamo" - "Derry City" are already on sale.





Tickets for the match "Dinamo-Minsk" - "Derry City", which will be held on July 19 at the renovated "Dinamo" stadium are already on sale!

For the first match in the qualification of Europa League the ticket prices are the following:

Stand C - 6 rubles
Stands B and D - 4 rubles.


You can buy tickets online at the TicketPro ticket operator website and at TicketPro ticket offices

Season ticket owner are invited to take places in the central sector С21, rows 1 to 27, places 1 to 15.

We draw your attention that the second gallery of the stadium stands starts with the row 18.

On the day of the match tickets can be purchased:
- on the website of TicketPro
- at the TicketPro ticket offices.
- at the box office of Dinamo stadium.

For more information, please contact the Ticket Operator "TiketPro" tel. +375 17 293-42-42, +375 17 293-48-48, +375 29 6 935 935



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