Aliaksandr Prakapenka. The national football player


Support the collection of funds for the second edition of the book «Aliaksandr Prakapenka. The national football player»!





This December, with the support of FC "Dinamo-Minsk", the BSB-bank, BFSO "Dynamo" and the Association "Belarusian Football Federation", the first edition of the book "Aliaksandr Prakapenka. National football player" will be released.

As the authors of the project, Siarhei Lisichkin and Dzmitry Prakapenka say:
 "This will be an unusual story about the life of one of the most brilliant football players of our time, Aliaksandr Prakapenka. And it's not just about Belarus. In the eighties of the last century throughout the USSR there was no equal in talent and skill to this simple Babruisk boy, the champion of the Soviet Union, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games.

To tell more, the full stadiums collected supermaches CSKA Moscow - "Spartak", "Dynamo" (Kiev) - "Dynamo" (Moscow), "Ararat" - "Neftchi". But only few players those days could collect a whole stadium alone: Belarusian Prakapenka, Russian Fyodor Cherenkov, Armenian Khoren Oganesyan.

They were loved, loved in Baku and Kutaisi, Alma-Ata and Leningrad, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar. They were the stars. The simple people adored them. For honesty and tense, fro technique and skills, for a smile on their faces and good temper. The fane were ready to discuss for hours there every action".


But even before the first edition of the book was released, the demand for it exceeded the offer.

Therefore, it was decided: to appeal to readers and fans to raise money for the publication of an additional edition of the book.

Each participant (regardless of the country of residence and the amount collected) who donated 20 rubles (BYN) or more, will receive a copy of the book and a honorable certificate.

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