Slutsk - Dinamo - 0:1. Players comments


Uladzimir Korytko and Aliaksandr Hutar summarize the match





Aliaksandr Hutar:

Did you have enough time relax during the pause?

- Of course, it has been a long time for a break, to gain strength and emotion which we had due to the national team matches. The team received a reboot.

What do you think about today's opponent?

- We saw the game to understand them. The team shows good football. Today a field didn’t let us and the opponent to show our best game. But, overall, I believe that the audience saw good football today. Yes, the team is at the bottom of the standings, but I want to say that they do not deserve this place and should be higher. Slutsk plays well, but at the beginning of the season lost points where they should not have.

In the first half there was a curious moment: you've prepared to catch a flying ball into your hands, but it changed the trajectory and hit you in the shoulder.

- That was because of the field. The ball hit the bump right in front of me and flew on a different trajectory. It was very hard to predict, I had to play in "hockey" style.

Today you saved the team several times. Die to you "Dinamo" takes away three points from Slutsk today. Did the team thanked personally?

- In the dressing room no one stands out personally. The whole team has worked in the field at 100%. Everyone did his job. After the match, all together thanked each other. The main stuff is when the team is together


Uladzimir Korytko:

- A lot of moments were not finished, even at the beginning, at the first minute ... I think. We could score much more even though the field didn’t allow us to play in combinational football.

In the first half you had a good moment but missed the gate from a good position.

- I tried not to hit the player with a ball, so hit into the corner ... missed some centimeters.

Did the pause in the championship make it possible to take a breath somehow?

- It made for someone ... I was injured a little, so missed a couple of days. Feel better. In many aspects the pause gave benefits.

Can the team now get preparing for major match on Thursday with good mood?

- Well, yes, there is even nothing to say about the opponent – it is serious. The team goes first in Spain - what can I say? The level is clear.

Recently you participated in the next episode of our "Dinamo Inside" show - at the “A-100” gas station.
- You know, it's a part of our profession - to take part in such actions. We must pay attention to our fans and partners of the club. All of them are a part of our team. And as for an emotional rise ... I will be happy if our fans enjoy the show!


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