Slobodan Simovic: Dinamo have only one goal


Belarusian football championship has just finished. What was it like for the players and coaches? What What was the plan before the season, how was the team moving from match to match and what happened in autumn? The first player who will answer the questions from the official site of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» - Slobodan Simovic.


- New season - 2014 has begun with three training camps in Turkey. Tell us about pre-season preparation.
- We all know that the "Dinamo" always sets only one goal for the season. Despite we have a new coach in this season  the goal is still the same - to win national championship.  It's already been 10 years since "Dinamo" won the championship for the last time, everybody wanted it desperately. Unfortunately, we were just one step away. We have worked to achieve the result from the very first training. In general, I believe that this was a good season for the team. According to the results - this is the best season for recent years. We had three camps, got ready very well. At the beginning of the championship we showed a very good game, but when Europa League group stage has started - it was hard to play on two fronts.


- What is the first impression of Uladzimir Zhuravel?
- All teams where I played, the coach could not stay more than a year. An exception was only once. During my career I had the opportunity to work with a lot of coaches. I can say that all the coaches I've worked with were good people. Uladzimir Zhuravel left a very good impression especially for human qualities. A very nice person: the way he communicates with players and how he respects them. There should always be a respect, and Zhuravel has such a quality.

- The beginning of the season was rather hard for you. Not enough playing practice and then matches for reserve team ...
- Yes, it was a hard time for me. But sent me to the reserve team for not a special purpose. I remember after one of the trainings a head coach of reserve team (Sergei Yaskovich) came up to me and jokingly asked if I wanted to help reserve team. I didn't have playing practice for a long time, so I agreed to this proposal. For me it was important to play, it was necessary to feel the game.  Zhuravel then talked with me about it, saying that he did not want to send to reserves because of the respect. I played against the "Naftan" and scored a goal. This match was very important. For me there is no difference whether it is main or reserve team. I needed the practice. I'm glad I helped the team. Many people say that footballers play just for the money. Of course, money - is also an important fact, but the game itself in the first place for each player. Football is fun and inner happiness. Therefore, when returning to the field, I had only positive emotions. Again, I was glad that I was able to help the team. After the game, coach thanked me.

Goal by Simovic - mark 0:12

- You played only one half, but in any case some impression about our reserve team you have. What can you say?
- "Dinamo" has a very good structure. We have very good coaches the team and it's not a surprise that they took the first place in the championship. There are some very good players, which in the future will certainly help the main team. "Dinamo" has a good future.

- After starting with reserves you came back to the first team very soon and also scored a goal in the match against "Shakhter".
- I had different situations in my career. Whenever I play, I want everything to be good. In that match all turned out this way. At the end of the match I scored a goal and brought joy to our fans.

- What was the atmosphere in the team before the start in the qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League?
- First match we played against the Finnish team at home and confidently won with a score of 3:0. There was no pressure that time, and we had a good game spirit. We were very serious about playing in Europe. We all had sparkling eyes. All started with this home victory. It was very nice to see a lot of our fans at the away match, they supported us very well and made a beautiful show at the end of the match. For me, as for a  player, it is very important that fans always support us. They always give us only positive emotions. By the way, I remember how they supported us during the last match against Gomel: we lost, but they still sincerely supported us. These were very big emotions.

- The team won two confident victories over the Romanians and had to play against "Nacional" in the playoffs. Were you nervous to know that you were only one step away from the group stage?
- There was excitement, but it was a pleasant excitement. It's a usual thing, I think. And it was a good lesson for us. I didn't play in the first match, got injured during a training. I did not even know for how long I was laid off. I remember the first match at Borisov-Arena: the team played very confident, scored two goals and allowed very few mistakes. It was a great match, which gave us confidence. Could only play as well on the road.

- The match in Portugal, for sure, was unique for you?
- Yes, we flew seven hours and then a transfer. The match took place in the high mountains of the island of Madeira. The result of the first match added more confidence. Psychology was very important that time. So we missed the goal and let the difficulties to begin. We knew that it would not be easy. Nevertheless, we managed to even the score, and later I scored the second goal, the match was done. But I can say that "Nacional" is a very serious team as "CFR". To win both times in such matches- worth a lot. I'm glad we did it.


- Surely, all your friends and family were proud of you after the match. Slobodan Simovic helped "Dinamo" to win, scored a goal and ended up in the European Cups.
- Yes, I was very happy. When revising the match, I paid attention to my reaction after the goal I scored. I was very happy. A week ago I was injured and did not know how soon I'll be able to play. And then I scored a goal, and our team goes into the group stage of the Europa League. The feelings that I experienced  were incredible. And, of course, all my relatives and friends were very happy for me.


- What was the atmosphere in the team after the match?
- Everybody was very happy. This was a historic success for "Dinamo". We finally were able to relax after a series of heavy matches. We all had a great mood. I wish it would always be like that. Everyone was smiling, everyone was happy: fans, management. I will always remember that match, and I will recall it constantly ... This was the first such a resounding success for me. When I came to the "Dinamo", I had one of the goals - to make it to the group stage of Europa League. And finally, this goal was achieved.


- What were your feelings after the draw?
- To be honest, I really wanted to get on strong opponents. And so it happened. I was pleased with the draw. We really wanted to show our best. "Fiorentina" and PAOK - are very strong teams. "Guingamp" was also very good. Now there is one game left and we will try to play it with dignity.

- What happened in Greece, in your opinion?
- I think all the bad things that could happen - happened in Thessaloniki. My red card and a very bad start of the match - it turned to be a very tough match. But this is football. That match will also never forget. It is a pity that the first match of our team in the group stage turned out that way.

- What was it like to be under such a pressure of fans at "Tumba"? Surely, it was one of the biggest stadiums at which you had a chance to play.
- We knew it would be tough. Knew that PAOK fans are the best in Greece. However, a full stadium - is always good. When you play at the stadium with no empty seats, it always brings pleasure. But it was only us who was responsible for the result..


- After the match against PAOK the club stepped into black stripe. Perhaps this defeat influenced the spirit of the team?
- Yes, these things are connected. Statistics says that we played very well during the first half of the championship. And then the problems started. Of course, it was very difficult to play on two fronts. In principle, it is difficult to play a season in Belarus. Matches begin in March for those who play in the Cup, there is no pause in the summer, and late season finish. Fatigue is accumulated , and at the end of the season it becomes really hard. Plus, some also play for the national teams - extra fatigue. Perhaps if we didn't have to play in Europa League, we could win the championship. But no one knows how it would be in reality. Therefore it is difficult to talk about it. Again, that's probably a fatigue - not only physical but also psychological.

 - One of the main reasons why could not win the championship this season - not a single victory in matches against BATE. Why couldn't you beat BATE this year?
- This is the first season in which I was not able to beat BATE. In 2012, and a victory in the last year ... But this  time... I do not know what to say. If you want to win a championship, but you can not win even once your main competitor - this won't work. Before this season I did not think that the fate of the championship will be decided exactly in the matches against BATE, but this year it happened that way. Even despite the fact that we lost the second match, and in the third we played a draw - everything could be solved in the last, the fourth match. Unfortunately we failed that match. Hard to say why. It was a hard game, we had moments, and statistics says that we played better, but they won, and we - lost. That's all. After losing that match we were really upset. It was a difficult psychological situation for us.


- Psychology - was the main factor?
- Despite the defeat, we still had the desire to win in every match. We tried hard at trainings, but sometimes it happens when you do your best but with no luck.

- The championship is finished. Summarize.
- The season is almost over, only one match left. On the one hand - Silver medals is a good result... But on the other hand - everyone knows that the "Dinamo" has only one goal - gold medals. We really wanted to win, but failed. This year everything was in our hands. Perhaps an excessive desire played a bad joke.

- During this year you've been to 5 European countries. Which country did you like the most?
- I can't say that we have seen a lot around during our trips. Football is always in the first place. But Portugal is the most memorable. Madeira Island - a small paradise. Really enjoyed it, very beautiful nature. Have not seen anything like this before.

- More than two hundred fans are planning to visit the last match in Italy.
- Yes, I heard about it. Pleasantly surprised. The more fans support us - the better for us. Especially when it comes to games in Europe. I thank them for that support to the very end.


- From the very first games for our club you have won the trust and love of the fans. One could see a flag of Serbia among "Dinamo" fans in your honor  ...
- Dinamo fans will always remain in my heart. Even after many years - I will never forget them. You know, my heart is full of pride and joy when I see the flag of Serbia, my country. I understand that people respect me and my country. Respect me as a person. I remember the final of the Cup of Belarus in the last year. There were so many fans, they were supporting us very well. Support was crazy, and at the beginning of the match - large and amazing banner. They waited for the victory, but we could not please them. I could not calm down after that, I could not even sleep. For me, these moments are very difficult. These people always  support us... hard to explain in words what I feel for them.

- During your career in the "Dinamo" you visited the fan sector twice.
- Yes, this was at one of the last season match against BATE and in this season at the match against "Fiorentina". This is a super feeling when people trust you a megaphone when you see hundreds of eyes on you. It's cool, you are respected. At the match with the Italian club I remember a big and beautiful banner on the sector. It adds positive emotions on the pitch. This adds strength and commitment to you. When I play and look the fan sector, it charges me to fight. Fans of "Dinamo" are the best in the country - without question. If I'll have to leave "Dinamo", the most difficult for me will be to realize that I could not please our fans and win the championship.

 - After the match with Gomel our fans gave you a special diploma for an example of courage and commitment. What does this prize mean for you?
- For me this award is very valuable. If I am awarded, so I was able to help the team. So, I was able to win the trust of the fans. During this time, in "Dinamo" I made many friends among the fans. I always save all the awards, but this award for me will be the most important.

 - Also this year, you for the first time tried yourself as an actor. Tell us what it's like to take part in filming?
- Yes, I tried(laughs). That was not easy. I would say that Anton (Anton Mamonenko) - is a very talented guy. He was trying to do everything perfectly. During the filming, which lasted a month, I had to wake up before dawn to do train some things plenty of times, while they appear in video only for a second. It's very hard (laughs). I loved working with Anton. My friends and family loved the movie very much. It is shown even in my country, in Serbia.


- Did you like to give autographs? Talking about the autograph session before the match against "Fiorentina".
- Yes, I, together with Mikita Korzun signed cards for a very long time. My hand hurt (laughs). But I like such things, we should do it more often. People recognize you, take pictures with you. Footballers should be closer to the fans. In general, this year the level of marketing and media activities of our club is good than ever. Website also works very good, when I'm at home alone and I have nothing to do, I can always go to our social networks and see new pictures, posts - it's very interesting. You can find good video about the team - I like it. We must continue this way (smiling).


- Slobodan finally, say something to "Dinamo" fans.
- I send big greetings to the best fans in the country. I would like to ask them to remain the same and always support the team. I want to say thank you for a season and apologize for all the bad points ... I believe that next year all your dreams will come true. Thank you very much for the season and wish you all the very best!




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