Yauheni Shykauka: "I'm happy".


Yauheni Shykauka sums up the first week of collection.






One of the newcomers to our team in the new season is forward Yauheni Shykauka. We contacted Yauheni, who has recently returned from Greece and joined our team.



First week of the training is over. A new team, a new location, new requirements... What was this week for you?

- The week turned out to be interesting and fruitful - this is first of all. The team, the guys welcomed very well. Recently, I have had enough negativity with the previous team, so now I get only positive emotions from work, from training process, from everything. I'm happy. I want to continue to work, progress and, of course, help the team.

Of course, the first thing we want to know is if you are in good shape? Do old injuries bother you?

- I feel great, no problems. It remains only to work.

The first camp was planned as a quite heavy in terms of physical load. Is it really so?

- Yes, in fact, the camp is rather hard: we have a lot of running work, we work well in the gym. But all this is necessary, to accept it and fulfill the requirements of the coaching staff. It will easier in the season then.

If you compare with your previous preseason camps, what can you say about this one?

- Every coach has his own approach, so the player needs to adapt to the requirements, accept and fulfill them. However, I can’t even remember when was the last time I ran so much. At the same time, we train twice a day, so we have enough football practice and work with ball. There is no such thing that we just run and that’s it.

What can you say about Sochi as a base for the camp?

- Everything is fine, a good natural field, food, everything is there for training. Sochi is very good.

What is the atmosphere in the team? During such camps, the most important thing is a good emotional background.

- During the load, the coaching staff and the guys themselves cheer each up, which is why the load is easier.

How do you like the new team? Who of the guys right now stands out in terms of humor or leadership qualities?

- The leader has not yet shown himself (smiles) - everything is ahead. Little time has passed yet, but we can safely say that everything is fine, and this is important.

A week of training took place, plus three days of training in Minsk, and the first match only on Tuesday. Do you miss the game?

-Yes, of course! I missed football very much, I want to quickly return to my favorite game. But we have our own preparation plan that needs to be done. Plus, we plan several matches during the camp in Turkey.



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