Shakhter - Dinamo - 1:2. Players comments


Ihar Stasevich & Siarhei Kantsavy comment result of the match





Ihar Stasevich was one of the first who left guests changing room. Ihar showed a fantastic game tonight, had several excellent scoring chances and has an assistant point on his account.

- What was team's mood before the match? Was the memory about the previous match at «Tractor» additional motivation?

- Of course we had a great desire to be rehabilitated after that match. It was a disappointing and painful defeat. And of course, we came up for the match with the understanding that we have no right to make a mistake as we continue to fight for the gold medal in the championship. Naturally, we tuned up only to win.

- However, it was «Shakhter» who scored the first  - this time on the 10th minute. How did you feel about that?

- There was a bit of a disappointment, but at the same time, we knew that we still have a bunch of time. We believed  that everything can turn around. So it happened.

- In the first half, you performed a very powerful free kick and hit the bar. In the second half, besides another crossbar hit you also had enough moments. What do you think, why didn't you score?

- Hard to say ... That was my game and indeed I had many chances and again a crossbar and a bar .. Was not lucky enough, perhaps, and lack of skills in some moments. Oh, and of course Siarhei Kantsavy curse - he said before the match that maximum for me for today - an assistant point. That was a prophecy! (laughs).

- So, on Friday, in fact, we are looking forward for a «champions» match ...

- We still keep in mind today's match ... We will think about Friday and this important match tomorrow. We know that this is going to be a key match in many senses. Of course, a work day and early start of the match can a big problem for the fans, but, nevertheless, I'm asking all our fans to come up on Friday at the «Tractor» stadium and support us. Your support in this match will be very important for us.


Following Ihar Stasevich Siarhei Kantsavy also shared his thoughts about the winning match.

- We were getting ready for this match like if it was the last battle - we needed only three points. A draw would be not satisfactory.

- How hard it was to get together after a missed goal?

- After this first goal there was feeling of self-confidence that we can win. Today, it was our first strong-willed victory in this championship.

- The ending of the match, however, was very nervous especially when it was close to our goal.

- But we played accurately, with no panic. Everything was under control .

- Ihar Stasevich said that you predicted his only assistant point in this match...

- That wasn't on purpose (smiles). I wish Ihor to score in every match.

- What would you say to the fans before a very important match, which will be held on Friday?

- I believe that there will be lots of fans, despite of the time. Hopefully, people will be able to find time. Indeed  it is the decisive match at this stage of the championship.





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