Blue-white gymnastics in school №41.


Dinamo players visited a physical education class in secondary school number 41.






What was your favorite lesson in school? That's right - physical training, especially in May, outside the school, when the weather is warm. Ball games, running, and other active games, isn't it great!? This weekend some of our players were lucky to get back to school time for a moment. They have visited Minsk secondary school №41.

Already noticed our small delegation children broke into a joyful hum. And as soon as Seidu Yahaya and Aliaksander Ksenafontau manage to cross the school gates all the children immediately attacked Dinamo players. Someone was in a hurry to take a selfie, someone to give "five" to a footballer, someone just hugged our African player happily telling him something. "Yaha" answered all the children with the same joy, although such attention was a bit surprising to him:

- When I played for Maccabi, visits to children in Haifa were commonplace. We went to schools almost every week. And in Greece it was the same. Here, in Minsk, for the first time I participate in a similar action. What can I say? It is very cool, and the most important thing is that we are doing a great thing, because for children there is nothing better than a meeting with a professional athlete. Such a moment, of course, gives motivation and desire to engage even more. A lot of children, they are so cool, I am very happy to attend this school and take part in the event. I hope this will charge us with positive emotions and help in the Friday match.

Ten minutes of chaos and only a signal whistle was able to bring order to the site. The kids lined up and started ask our players questions, and they were very different: “How old were you when you  started playing football?”, “Do you like what you are doing?” "Any Ghana supporters in Minsk?", "What is your most memorable match?". Even interested with a salary our players get, why not?

And at the end of the lesson a long-awaited “the Game” took place - the guys were divided into two teams of ten people, even the girls participated. Sasha Ksenafontau simply gathered the guys in the center of the field and wished everyone "to do their best to win", but Seidu took the matter very seriously, defined a tactical scheme and positions on the field. However, this did not help - the Ksenafontau's team won: 2-0.

Joint photo, autographs and a note to the book of honorable guests, for a good memory. The main thing is that the guys were satisfied and promised to support the team at the match against Isloch. Well, we really need support now, and it is extremely important. So, we are waiting for all of our supporters at the "Tractor" on Friday!




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