With a good mood for a break in the championship!


Dinamo wins in the last home match of the season and rises to second place in the standings.






A small surprise was awaiting the press-pool was awaiting right before the match. The object was the starting line-ups of both teams . Due to injuries many players were not even listed as substitute players.  Moreover "Slutsk" didn't have enough players even to completely fill out starting protocol. Fortunately Dinamo has a much longer bench.

Despite the fact that many main squad players were absent, those whom was included by Siarhei Hurenka into the "starting", began with a confident pressure on the ranks of the guests from the very first minutes. And already in the eighth minute Ivanou, having responded to the transfer of Korzun, opened the score, although he could have done it a minute earlier, but the defenders prevented.

Dinamo did not ease the pressure even for a minute. Artsem Salavei, who came in the "starting" for the first time in a long time, could score several times already in the first half, but either the goalkeeper Barys Pankratau, who caught the courage, got up on the way of the ball, or the ball flew anywhere, but not to the goals.

We can't say that Slutsk was distressed, even having already the seventh defeat in a row. The guests were trying to extract the maximum out of the standard free-kicks. Every attempt concealed a threat. But in one moment the ball a blow of Shykauka hit the crossbar, will leave the field. And in another moment, Khotau with a powerful blow through the "wall" got directly to the hands of our goalkeeper ...

The second half did not change the disposition on the field: Dinamo continued to put pressure as if there had been no break. The very first corner free-kick was played by Galovic and after his head shot the ball got into the post.

"Dinamo" was attacking in different ways, but in one episode missed a counterattack after which Zhuk ran one-on-one with Harbunou. Fortunately, the nineteenth number of guests struck above the frame and missed the target from a very convenient position.

All the questions in the match, two minutes before its end, were removed by Makas, who entered the field after a substitution. We should mention the assistant pass from Aliaksei Haurylovich who sent the ball to the penalty area with a spectacular scissor kick and Makas only had to correct the ball with his head. Pankratau who saved his team numerous time before was powerless this time.

Dinamo wins, rises in the standings to second place and with a good mood goes for a two-week pause in the championship.




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