Slutsk - Dinamo - 0:1. Udoji time.


Minsk "Dinamo" won in Slutsk due to a precise strike of the main scorer of autumn - Chigozie Udoji





There passed a break in the championship of Belarus caused by the so-called "international" pause when national teams hold their meetings.


A large group of players returned to the team camp just a couple of days before the match

"Dinamo" started the game with "Slutsk" in usual, even optimal composition. Only Mikita Korzun didn’t take part having rest after two hard matches for the youth team.

That was a match, where both sides could call it "a match of unused opportunities".
"Dinamo" didn’t realize so many moments that could lead 2-3 goals only in the first half. Instead of that it took more than an hour for “blue-white” to score only once.

"Dinamo" managed failing to score from a variety of situations: from direct shots, after defense’ mistakes.

Main goalscorer of guests Beqiraj made two shots on crossbar! Nenad Adamovic did the same one time! Korytko and Pramudrau had wonderful moments to score.

Fortune this year relates to Dinamo highly selective. At the beginning of the season Beqiraj used to score a lot. That banner caught Adamovic later. Now, it turns out, that it's Udoji time? That was an attempt of Chigozie to become effective after assistance of Munir and Adamovic.

The response attacks of the hosts can be counted on fingers of one hand, but each of them could really change the score. Isso, Kurlovich, Milko - a partial list of potential goalscorer of the team of Grigorov. But Hutar confirmed his class, or Siarhei Palitsevich knocked a ball out of an empty net at the last second of compensated time of the match (!).

But ends well what ends well. "Dinamo" took three points in an away match, and hardly any of the witnesses of the match complain of the injustice of such an outcome.

The next match "Dinamo" will hold next Thursday at "El Madrigal" in Spain against "Villarreal", leading in La Liga. And there will be a completely different game.
One will have to use his moments much more carefully.


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