Nacional - Dinamo - 2:3. Comments


Europa League playoff round.

FC Nacional  - «Dinamo-Minsk»

Post-match press conference of Uladzimir Zhuravel and footballer's comments




Uladzimir Zhuravel (press conference):


Today is a good day for me, for the team, for the club. We are happy that achieved the goal, set at the beginning of the season. Few people probably believed in it. Football players have done everything to reach the group stage of the Europa League, but I would like to mention "Nacional" as well – it’s a team that wanted to win.

-what was the most difficult time in the game for you?

The beginning of the match, of course. We waited pressure. Especially when "Nacional" scored, we felt mild anxiety, but in any case we didn’t panic. We were confident in our team. And I think our fastest goal back predetermined the outcome of the match.


Siarhei Palitsevich:



- When we missed a goal after the penalty, it seemed to be the most difficult moment in the match. After 0:1 we understood that can not miss any more. It was good that we managed to score immediately and the game, in fact, has calmed down.

Siarhei Kantsavy:

As for the match – after Udoji scored, it became clear that is it! Would not miss! There was nothing surprising in the game. Today referee helped much an opponent, but we played as we were to play.


We should say great thanks to our fans!

 Nenad Adamovic:

- What can I say, when "Nacional" was awarded with a penalty - was unpleasant ... Before this episode, I struggled with the goalkeeper of the Portuguese in their penalty area and I was beaten, but there was no penalty, certainly - just a game moment.


It was a historical moment for our team and we managed to do this, we won!



Aliaksandr Hutar:

- The impressions of the match are only positive, of course! On aggregate, we won two games and so we went through the group stage of the Europa League, I think deservedly!

- Dinamo didn't miss for 5 matches, but the opponent scored twice today
- It’s not essential, I guess. The main is that we won.







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