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"Dinamo-Minsk" players visited OJSC "Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No. 407"

One third of the distance of the championship of Belarus in has passed. "Dinamo" plays in a tight schedule and it is rather hard both physically and emotionally. And while there is a pause is in the championship, it's time to reboot and go to visit old friends and reliable partners - the staff of OJSC "Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No. 407".
Plant workers are often guests not only at home but also on away matches of Dinamo in the championship and in the Cup of Belarus. Aircraft repairmen can also play football - the plan team constantly participates in the "Friends of Dinamo" Cup, takes prizes and in 2015 even won the tournament.

But best of all they can repair airplanes! It is no accident that our partners are the leading enterprise in the CIS and the countries of the former USSR in the repair, modernization and maintenance of aircrafts.

Well, who of us did not dream of skies when a child? Who did not dream to take his place in the cockpit as a pilot?

And the delegation of "Dinamo-Minsk" consisting of Artsiom Bykau, Siarhei Ihnatovich, Mikita Kaplenka, Seydu Yahaya, as well as the general director Siarhei Pernikau a brand new maintenance and repair shop erected in the area of the national airport.



Aircrafts take a significant place in the life of a football player. Numerous trips to the training camps and to the matches of the European cups or the national team, on vacation. And it seemed that nothing could surprise the guys. It appeared that could.
Even outside the huge hangar looked very impressive! But a real surprise was waiting inside the snow-white gigantic building - three planes were serviced at the same time. Two smaller ones did not cause much emotion, because in the middle there was a real giant IL-76 TD. And while the manager of the plant told about the technical characteristics of the new technological building, about the capabilities of the company, about its more than 65-year history, the players were staring at the giant liner with all eyes!

The representative of the plant smiles: "Well, guys, maybe we'll get on board, look at the cockpit from inside?" The guys readily agree and even show some awareness about this type of aircraft - "The same aircraft took part in the movie "Kandahar"...

And then the players found out that this was not "the same plane" but exactly the same board #RA-76842, which was intercepted by the Taliban fighter on July 3, 1995 and forced to land in the Kandahar area under the pretext of inspection of the cargo. And after 378 days of captivity, the crew managed to escape on their own plane! Who could believe?

What an excursion it was! The players were patiently and in detail explained the purpose of all the units inside the fuselage. But the main thing is the holy of holies, the cockpit of pilots and the navigator. When else can you sit in an armchair, pull at the wheel, feel like a member of the crew?
Having studied the cockpit and the cargo compartment in full, the players came back to the hangar and at once were surrounded by the workers. There was no end to the questions from the about everything: about the life of football players, about training, about the last matches, about the strength of the opponents, about the chances of teams in the upcoming World Cup, about Eduard Malafeeu! And the main question: guys, when will you finally win gold medals? When will you be the highest in our championship? And then a friendly farewell: we moved to a new building, clean, bright, beautiful, technological! And we wish you to return home to your dear own stadium! 
Thanking for a really interesting excursion, for new and unforgettable impressions, for constant support in the stands and the help outside the stadium, Dinamo players presented each employee a set of cards with autographs of team players other memorable gifts and made a joint photo! But the main gift was the official Dinamo playing jersey with the number 407!

We don't say goodbye for a long. Employees of the plant are going to go visit the away match in Brest and support the team in one of the most principal derbies of Belarusian football.

And we offer all the fans of our club, who have such an opportunity, to follow the example of our friends from OJSC "Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No. 407".

After all, together we are much stronger! 

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