Dinamo - FC Minsk. Tickets are available


Belarus Cup. 1/8 finals. «Dinamo-Minsk» - FC «Minsk»: tickets are in sale.





Dear fans!

Tickets for the match of the 1/8 finals of the Belarus Cup FC "Dinamo-Minsk"  - FC "Minsk", which will be held in Minsk at the Dinamo Stadium on Sunday, August 12, the beginning of the match at 19:30, can be purchased in advance at ticket offices of Ticketpro or online at www.ticketpro.by


Ticket price: 2 - 6 rubles.

Season ticket owner are invited to take places in the central sector С21, rows 1 to 27.

We draw your attention that the second gallery of the stadium stands starts with the row 18.

On the day of the match tickets can be purchased at the fan support center (Ticketpro mobile ticket office), which will be installed next to the central arch of the Dinamo stadium (the intersection of Kirau and Kamsamolskaya streets)



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10.08.2018 as 21:34

2Dimosphen Все есть на тикетпро. Ссылка же открывается на билеты сразу


10.08.2018 as 16:13

на vip в продаже будут?


10.08.2018 as 14:27

Няма нічога на ticketpro.by