Sincerely and positively.


An open training of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" for fans- season tickets holders took place in Stayki.





"Dinamo" fans - season ticket holders are already know that if they call receive a from the club - this means that they have won in "Guess the score" contest. But this time they were pleasantly surprised when they have receive personal call from FC Dinamo with invitation to visit one of the training sessions in Stayki this Saturday. Moreover, they were allowed to take the whole family with them.

Someone was warring about bad weather but for this occasion we have  reserved a sufficient number of raincoats. More than a hundred fans have arrived to Stayki, by themselves or on a specially club bus.


Each guest received a brand-new poster with a photo of the whole team. Very soon this posters will be on sale in the official Dinamo stores but our first guests have received them beforehand and for free. And of cause everybody used this opportunity and decorated his or her poster with original autographs of Dinamo players and coaching staff.


By the way, for some of our guests it was their first visit to Stayki. And they were wondering if it is here where our reserve team plays its home matches. They like the stadium, saying "home-like", "pleasant atmosphere",  "need to come more often".  Indeed, those who don't visit reserve team matches were surprised with some newcomers in the squad of the main team: "Who is this?" , they said looking at  Uladzislau Lyakh and Muhammadzhon Loikau for the first time. At the same time, those who attend the matches of the reserve team were lively recalling the best recent matches of the reserve team.

Dinamo players were entering through a corridor of cheering fans. A real champion corridor! Dinamo fans also expressed their gratitude to the team for the previous season. Then the regular part the training session began!


After a short warm-up, the players split into two teams. And started a two-side test match. Now everyone could see all players on the field at the same time. Some of the players were not on their regular field position. And this was also very interesting to see how they feel in a different role. Another interesting observation is conversations on the field between players and hints from coaches. You can't hear them during the official match. Obviously the fans were very excited and satisfied. They thanked the players with applauses for almost each successful action on the field.

Next to the field where our main team hold its match another "battle" was unfolding.

Dynamosha! Where did this guy come from? He gathered a crowd of kids together with their mothers around, they were having their own match! How was louder, such could it be seem! First fathers were looking at this game calmly staying aside, then they began give tips to their kids, finally they dived in the game themselves.  Dynamosha took a goalkeepers position in one of the teams.  Well, practically everyone could proudly say after the match: "I scored a goal to Dynamosha!"


After the match a series of penalty shootouts was organized.  And this time Dynamosha's team won. Well, everybody was satisfied today.

Before, after and during the match everyone could have a tea, coffee and other drinks, as well as various snacks. Children can say how much power each match takes! ))

Well, after the training, the fans and football players thanked each other with loud applause and a joint photo session. No one was in a hurry to leave the field.

There were no protocol speeches and loud statements. Just a kind family-like meeting, one wonderful day off.


But we say good bye to each other not for long. The next match of the team is already on Wednesday, at "Tractor" stadium! Everyone is invited!




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