Dinamo - FC BATE Borisov - 0 2. Comments of the players


Dinamo - FC BATE Borisov - 0 2. Comments of the players







Slobodan Simovic:

- We have enough moments in the early game, and then there was that bad corner. When missed, then tried to score back immediately, but at the end of the first half, missed another goal. I think it decided the match. We really wanted to come back, talked about it during the break. We struggled, but failed. Nevertheless, I think that played well. Prior to a goal scored, we were better on the field, had moments. When missed - opened and missed another. Anyway we should move on to become the first.


- What can you say about the entourage of the match?


- Great atmosphere, a lot of fans. I want to say thanks to them. I do not think it was boring today, they saw a good game.



Nenad Adamovich:

- What is the reason of today's failures?

- It happened so that we have a lot of injured people now, but I want to say that this is not an excuse for our team. Generally, we really wanted to win, but failed ... However, this is only one game and everything is in our hands and depends on us.


- What settings there have been ahead of the game?


- We knew that if we manage to show today "our" game, then we will win. However, we diddn’t manage much in the first half. Due to circumstances, there were a lot of changes in our game, but once again – that does not excuse us.



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