CFR - Dinamo. Comments of Dinamo players


CFR - Dinamo. Dinamo players commented on the game in Cluj.






Siarhei Paliatsevich:

- A very tough game. The beginning was very nervous. But CFR did not use their moments, and Sasha Hutar helped the team at the right time by his confident playing. The second half started a little bit nervous as well, but red card to CFR player affected the result. After the goal of Stasevich, I’d say, the hosts stopped, and we got more control over the game. It became clear that we will go through to the next round.


Ihar Stasevich:

The game was very difficult. I do not know why, but ¾ of the game before the goal, we did not play our own game. Why? I can not answer definitely. Anyway we played not that good. Well, after  the first goal was scored the game calmed down.

I want to thank the fans! Thank them for coming and supporting us!


Aleksandr Hutar:

Thank you all for your congratulations with the victory and for passing this round. It was a very tough game, even though the opponent team played in minority. They had to score us a goal to win. At the beginning of the game we were confused, and then improved our game. After we scored a goal, I think this game was done.


 Mikita Korzun:

- I want to congratulate everyone with the victory! Loved the game - the atmosphere at the stadium in Cluj was just unreal! It was a pleasant atmosphere to play in. Football was interesting, there were moments, emotions ...


Uladzimir Yapryntsau:

- In the first half, it was obvious that the guys worried a little bit. Sasha Hutar did well - rescued a couple of times.


It seemed to me that our players in the midline had to be more effective. On the other hand that early injury followed by a subsequent replacement of Voronkov, broke a little our game plan.


Photо: Аleksandr Dabryjan. Pressball


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