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April 26. One date - two tragedies.






Today, Belarus marks a mournful date in its history - 32 years ago, an accident occurred at the 4th power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As a result the reactor was completely destroyed and a large amount of radioactive substances was thrown into the environment ...

The consequences for Belarus were, without exaggeration, catastrophic and are still felt: according to the analysis of the radioactive contamination of Europe with cesium-137 about 35% of the Chernobyl fallout of this radionuclide on the European continent is located on the territory of Belarus. The contamination of the territory of Belarus with cesium-137 with a density of over 37 kBq / m2 constituted 23% of the total area of the Republic. The Chernobyl disaster still has serious medical and socio-economic consequences for our country ...


But April 26 is also associated with another tragedy, which, by a lucky coincidence, has not touched the players "Dinamo-Minsk".

This happened on April 26, 1966. In Tashkent was held the match of MD-4 of the 28th USSR Championship among the teams of the class "A" - the highest league of Soviet football.

"Pakhtakor" (Tashkent) - "Dinamo" (Minsk) - 1:0 (1:0)

April 26, 1966. Tashkent. Central stadium "Pakhtakor". Clear. 14 degrees. 50 000 spectators.

Referees: N.Krylov, L.Mopsikov, A.Chistov (all - Kuibyshev).

Pakhtakor: Y. Pshenichnikov, R.Zakirov, M.Sharipov, V.Naumenko, V.Suyunov, V.Mukhin (V.Shtern, 65), V.Tajirov, V.Kazakov, H.Rahmatullaev, G.Krasnitsky B. Abduraimov.
"Dinamo": I.Fralou, V.Kaltunou, J.Kupchyk, I.Remin, I.Savostsikau, V.Arzamastsau, E.Taleyka, L.Adamau, M.Mustyhin, V.Kaberski, Y.Pahalnikau.

Goal: 1:0 V.Tajirov (22).

It was a unique match, because never before anywhere in the world a football match was played ... during the earthquake. On April 26, 1966, Tashkent peacefully slept when at 5:25 AM local time, the strongest earthquake began with a strength of more than 8 points on the Richter scale. According to seismologists, the energy of the underground impact was enormous - it was equal to 50 billion kilowatts, which was comparable to the capacity of 12 000 of Bratsk power stations. But, fortunately, the city was not destroyed to the ground, although it was badly damaged. Especially its center, where at that time there were mostly one-story old adobe houses that were planned to be demolished. As it was establish later, about 79 thousand families remained without a roof over their heads, or more than 300 thousand people from one and a half million Tashkent population. According to official data, 8 people were killed and 150 more were injured of varying severity. A little later, doctors will report that in the next two years hundreds of elderly Tashkent dwellers would die of heart attacks from the stress or fear of new tremors.

As a matter of fact tremors, even of less power, continued in Tashkent for several more days! Although seismologists assured that there was no great danger for people. So on April 26 - probably in order to calm down the people, since the central stadium which was located in another district of the city and was not injured, - it was decided that the football match between Pakhtakor and Dinamo should not be canceled. 50 thousand visitors came to see the match. And all of them, as well as football players, felt another tremor from the depths of the earth, as it turned out, by force of 4 points ...


Dinamo started the match with, but was not lucky to score. Worth mentioning the goalkeeper of the host team - Yury Pshenichnikov - was very good in that match. And then Pakhtakor, to the delight of the audience, scored.

Berador Abduraimov well served the corner, and midfielder Vladimir Tajirov, ahead of the defenders, hit a head goal. Well, both teams had more chances to score again.. Our players could remember how unfortunately Leonard Adamov had missed from five meters ...

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