Minsk is the territory of Dinamo!


Hockey players of the Minsk "Dinamo" visited the training of "Dinamo-Minsk". Football team...





Two "Dinamos" are friends for a long time! The fans remember one of the issues of Dinamo Inside about Robert Maaskant at the Minsk Arena.

The "fight" between Vasili Khamutouski and Mikita Kamarou in the boxing ring is also well remembered.

Often hockey players come to visit our matches with the whole team. With pleasure our football players go to watch hockey, and our head coach Siarhei Hurenka even made a symbolic throw-in before one the match of the championship of the KHL "Dinamo" - "Severstal".

And today, Dinamo hockey players for the first time in the last 30 years have visited a training session of their "club mates".

The story of close friendship between two Dinamos has started in hockey club press office. Attentive club photographers we processing photo galley of home matches and noticed familiar faces football Dinamo players, Aliaksander Noiok, Urosh Nikolic and others. But our captain, Noiok, appeared to be a real fan of hockey!


Then there was an interview for the press service of the hockey club, in which Noiok said: "In general, I dream of getting a real game jersey  of FC "Dynamo-Minsk", for example, in exchange for my game t-shirt... "

The message was heard ...

Having finished ice training, Siarhei Drozd, Dzmitry Ambrazheichyk and Yahor Sharangovich went to see a training of the football players.

I must say that hockey players can play with the ball no less deftly than with their hockey stick! Especially skillful was Dzmitry, who was very good in penalty shootouts in competition with Yahor!


And then there was a meeting with Aliaksander Noiok and exchange of jerseys. The captain of our team presented season tickets to our friends form hockey team. It appeared that Siarhei Drozd has already purchased one.
Then there was training:
"Look the warm-up. When we "work" on the ground, we also do the same".
"What is this girl is responsible for? We also have our girl-instructor. Do you know Tatsiana Trapper?"

Our guests noted the impressive sizes of Siarhei Ihnatovich: "Wow! We must invite him to our training - check in him as a golly ... "

He will sire come with pleasure!

In the meantime, we invite our hockey players and fans of HC Dinamo to the opening match of the season-2018 Dinamo - Torpedo-BelAZ, which will be held on Saturday, March 31, at the stadium of FC Minsk, at 19.00!




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