Border is locked tight!


Dinamo-Minsk players visited the Institute of Border Guard Service.






Dinamo-Minsk has its long traditions on its initiative to visit schools, universities, and labor collectives. Dinamo fans are always glad to see the players.


But this time the story was a bit special. Dinamo was on the visit to the Institute of Border Service of the Republic of Belarus. Why so special? Because it happened on the eve of the match against Brest. We well know that Brest is the city on the South-western border of our country.
To visit those who is responsible for the external frontier and meet guests to our country the first, was entrusted to the players responsible for the last frontier on the football field - our defenders Aliaksei Haurylovich and Ihar Shytau. By the way, our footballers, natives of Pinsk and Polotsk, know firsthand what the border is.




It just so happened that the visit fell on Ihar Shytau's birthday, so congratulations for him right at the gates of the checkpoint.

"The most unusual birthday, that's for sure," noted Shytau.


First of all, representatives of the Institute administration organized for Dinamo representatives a tour of the museum of the border service. The exposition of the museum really impressed: starting from mannequins in the border uniform of different ages, finishing with battle banners and even weapons.

"Oh, looks like Dragun! Let me take a picture of this," laughs Shytau, looking at the next stand of the museum.


We paid a special attention to the sports area, where medals and prizes of athletes which are somehow connected with the border service are showed. We are sure that the ball with the autographs of the all Dinamo players and the book about the entire history of Dinamo will take a honorable place on the shelves of the exposition.


The main event of the visiting program was a meeting of the players with the cadets of the Institute. The eyes of Dinamo defenders got rounded when they got into the assembly hall almost two hundred students  were waiting for them. Ihar Shytau, like the real headliner of any stand-up show, took the microphone in his hands and with a wide smile on his face began to answer the questions of the guys. And Aliaksei Haurylovich tried to keep up with him:


- Do they often recognize you on the streets?

- Question to Aliaksei, - answers  Ihar with a smile.

- Do you earn a lot?

- And this question is right for Ihar, - replies Aliaksei.


The questions were completely different and flew one by one. The cadets asked Shytau about the chances of the national team to get to the European Championship, asked Haurylovich about the most difficult opponent in his career. Well, they also wanted to know about the crushing defeat in St. Petersburg, as well…


"I would like to thank you for the holiday that you presented to us, having beaten Zenit at home. Despite the return match, in the first one you gave us hope, so we were pleased - thank you for this", -  sincere thanks heard our players after the story about the match at Petrovsky. And the first year cadet received out gift for such warm words.


- What's your education? Are you thinking about retirement? Do you understand the rules of the League of Nations qualification? - the final question was asked by a girl, which decently surprised us. It's nice that the female half is interested in football. By the way, the author of the question about the education of football players received a special prize.


Well, at the end of the event, almost all cadets received autographs of the players, wished them good luck and assured that this Sunday they will sincerely support "Dinamo-Minsk" in the stands of the main arena of the country.


The management of the Institute, in its turn, made a nice gift for us. Well, our acquaintance with the Institute of the Border Service turned out to be much cooler than we expected, and this is good, because this cooperation promises to be fruitful.


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