Afterword to Siarhei and Igor


The results of the performance of players in Dinamo.








In mid-December the contracts of Igor Voronkov and Siarhei Kantsavy has expired. The players left the club. But we, the fans, we want to thank the guys once again for the years in "Dinamo" and to recall the major milestones of their "Dinamo" biography.  

Igor and Siarhei have became good friends last year. While youngsters played computer game – “Harry" and "Kants" preferred to read books. In training, the guys behaved always strictly and confidently, as experienced player. And it is their hard work, for which they have earned the respect of the fans.

High competition in "Dinamo" does not guarantee anyone a place in the lineup. But the guys have been working hard, confirming their right for a place in the starting lineup.

Not many of fans can remind starting doubts of fans of "Dinamo" regarding necessity of Voronkov in our club. Very few people paid attention to the words of Siarhei Pavlyukovich that Dinamo needed such a fighter, as Igor Voronkov. And "Harry" proved everyone his role in the team by his game and 32 matches in the first season. In his first match for "Dinamo" Voronkov scored his only goal in Dinamo career, moreover, that goal became victorious in that match. Not a bad debut!

Season 2015 Voronkov started not so well. Igor played in the first Belarus Cup match against "Vitebsk", and in two matches in the semi-finals against BATE. In the national championship Voronkov first appeared on the field only in the 10th round, but in the starting line-up - in the 12th. But his first appearance was effective. His assist combination let Beqiraj to score his most beautiful goal for Dinamo.

In the season of 2015, Igor has played in 27 matches and made 2 assists.

Siarhei Kantsavy - a very significant figure in the composition of our club. Strict, hard, who never hesitate to say "critics" on the field to his partners. Siarhei was one of the leaders and the captain in a number of matches.

Tsiharau and Kantsavy were only two player in "Dinamo" who played in our club in the “golden” championship 2004. However, in that year, Siarhei played for the reserve team mainly.

But in 2007 Siarhei left the capital. For 3 years he spent 24 matches. Competition in the defense line was very strong at that time. Kantsavy went to his homeland - to Gomel.

But 4 years later, Siarhei returned back to the club and took a place in the first team confidently. Kantsavy took part in 18 of 20 matches and only once came out not in the starting lineup.

After Umaru Bangura came to Diamo - Kantsavy lost his place in the starting composition. In the season 2014 Siarhei did not play often - 24 matches. At the same time Siarhei participated in 9 matches of the Europa League. And his goal in Florence, for sure, will be one of the most important ones in his career.

This year Kantsavy played much less than a season before –11 matches on total.

We thank Igor Voronkov and Siarhei Kantsavy for cooperation with our club. We wish the guys good luck in their future careers!


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