Your kid in the players escort!


Dreams should come true!





FC "Dinamo-Minsk" invites all young fans to fulfill their dream - to escort a football player to the field before the match.

This ceremony will be held at every home match throughout the season. The next match of the action is August 2: the second leg of the UEFA Europa League qualifying round "Dinamo Minsk" - "DAC 1904" (the beginning of the meeting at 19:00).

22 children will escort 22 players before the match. And your kid can, and should, be among them if he is from 6 to 9 years old and his height - up to 130 cm.

To take part in the escort team you need to send an email with the note "Players' escort" to with the following information:

- Name, age and height of the child;
- Contact information of one of the parents (name, phone).

Parents whose children participate in the players' escort will receive 2 free tickets for the match.

The representatives of the club will contact you after receiving the application and will tell the details of the ceremony.


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