Dinamo took part in the work of the General Assembly of the European Club Association


Representative of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" took part in the work of the General Assembly of the Association of European Clubs (ECA)





During two days, from September  4 to 5, the General Assembly of the Association of European Clubs (ECA) was gathering in Geneva (Switzerland). 162 members of the ECA took part in the work of the highest governing body of the organization uniting the leading European football clubs of their countries, of which 90 are ordinary members (with the right to vote in the procedure for selecting governing bodies), including "Dinamo-Minsk".

At the forum our club was represented by the leading legal adviser Kiryl Maleeu.


Among the main issues on the agenda of the 19th Assembly were the following:

- approval of the new edition of the Statute of the ECA. The additions and changes to the document regulating the organization and operation of the ECA are due to the need to improve the structure of the ECA, taking into account the management reforms in FIFA and UEFA, as well as to increase the role and involvement of clubs in the decision-making process of international football associations that affect the interests of club football. In addition, the adoption of UEFA national associations of Gibraltar and Kosovo, as well as the creation of a UEFA subsidiary organization UEFA Club Competition SA, the main goal of which is to achieve maximum financial attractiveness for the Champions League and UEFA Europa League members with the direct participation of the EUA, were also taken into account in the submitted draft of the constituent document.

- discussion of possible changes in the format of European club competitions in the competitive cycle of 2021-24;

- to receive updated information on the planned revenues and the process of selling television rights to the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League of the 2018-21 competitive cycle, after the change of the format compared to the current season 2017/18;

- presentation of the head of the referees department of FIFA Massimo Buzacca on the process of introducing video assistants to the referee and the first results indicating the effectiveness of the innovation;

- election of members of the Executive Committee and the chairman of the ECA. The previous head, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (chairman of the Board of Directors of the Munich "Bavaria"), after almost 10 years of running the organization voluntarily resigned. Following the vote, Andrea Agnelli (the president of Turin "Juventus") was elected the new chairman, and on his proposal the title of "Honorary Chairman of the ECA" from now on will be assigned to K.Kh. Rummenigge.


Rrepresentative of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" Kiryl Maleu took part in the work of the election commission in the process of electing the members of the ECA Executive Committee from the 3rd sub-division which involves also Belarusian clubs.

The Jubilee, the 20th, ECA Assembly will be held on March 26-27, 2018 in Rome (Italy).


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