Dinamo - Cherno More - 4:0. Comments of players


Players appreciate the recent match





Today Fatos Beqiraj had a lot of chances to score. In one moment Fatos received the ball but slipped and fell. But he had the desire. And at last he scored. Even twice. Tired but happy Fatos Beqiraj gave match comments:

- I think that today there was the best game of our team this year, in my opinion. In the first half we scored only once. During the half-tine Vuk said that we need to continue to play in the same rhythm. Just like that. We managed to score a second goal quickly. A little later, I scored twice, and I am pleased that managed to.

Today, among fans one could see three Beqirajs. Was that your personal support?
- Yes, I was pleased with such a support. Three Beqirajs - this is my friend, his wife and sister.

Feel good?
- Sure. Happy, I scored and helped the team.

Preparing for Switzerland?
- Yes. We now have one week to learn the opponent and properly prepare for it. I hope we will play there as we did today.

Will you meet with your friend?
- Yes, as I said before, Ketsoevich plays for that eam. I'll call him tomorrow, sure (smiling).


Two goals in three matches - excellent statistics for the midfielder, isn't it? Vladimir Korytko is getting better and better! Today he took a wonderful free kick, starting the defeat of Bulgarians. By the way, Korytko was voted as the best player of the match.

Are you surprised to receive the prize box from "Luch"?
- To be honest - yes. It's nice (smiling).

Do you like the watches?
- Yes, it's a good gift.

How wass game?
- We played well. We were getting ready very hard. And so we played.

What were your  thoughts before the match, it was raining so hard before the match.
- It was in our favor. The ball moved quickly and it was very comfortable to play. On a dry field game could be slower and we could have to play not so well.

What about the atmosphere around the match?
- We heard the support. With each match, I hope more and more people will come. And we will play even better. Then the reality will be better.

Playing in Tula you scored one goal in 8 matches. Now, the third match and 2 goals. Has the return to Belarus is inspired you?
- Well, after all, in the "Arsenal" I've played on a different positions. There we played with three defensive midfielders. More game in defense. Therefore, only one goal. And here ... So far all is well. What's next ..? We will be working.

You scored with a free kick. At the end of the first half was another very promising standard. Why missed?
- Let's leave it a secret (laughs).

National Cup, the Europa League.. Are you glad that football comes back into your life so fast?
- Sure. And how could it be otherwise? I'm a player and it's my profession. I live with football and, of course, I am very pleased with this changes. I enjoy the game, no matter how long I didn't play. No matter how old am I. You just enjoy. And if not - it is better not to play.


After 5 years, Aleksandar Chanovich returned to Belarus in Minsk. Yet for just 2 days. He was very tired after such a game but did not refuse to comment.

Sasha, we understand, not very good mood. But if it was not you the score could be even bigger. In your team you was the best.
- Maybe ... I'm not sure that I was the best...  I missed 4 times.. My faults. Hard to talk about this right now - "Dinamo" today was better than us. Score 4: 0 talks for itself. But, nevertheless, I do not think that the result reflects the strength. We needed to win in Razgrad. We have not save the score 1:0, and missed. The second half here we played without one player - that was the factor.

But your coach said that he did not bother with a missed goal in Bulgaria.
- Yes, he did. But it turned not that easy. A scored  goal in Razgrad gave Dinamo more confidence. We hoped to win here. But after a missed goal it was very difficult and, again, one player out - played a major role.

Your confident game helped the team at least in the first half?
- Maybe. But I did not do anything extraordinary. Dinamo didn't have 100% chances. In the second half we had to work a lot, but it did not matter ...

Are you happy to came back to Minsk, though just for two days? Some time of your life and career took place in this city?
- Yes, of course I am happy to come back here. I talked about this with my teammates. I told them a lot about your capital, "Dinamo". They know that your club - is a big club and Minsk - is a beautiful city. I am pleased of course, but for now, understand, the emotions are not so well.

Some fans were clapping hearing your name.
- Really? I did not hear, but if so - is very pleased that they remember me. You know, I want to wish you good luck in future matches. I will be watching your team! Good luck guys, good luck to Minsk! Good luck to "Dinamo"!



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