Dinamo Cup 2019 - Dinamo Moscow tournament winners.


International children tournament Dinamo Cup 2019/U-11 has finished.





I saw many children's football tournaments, and each had something peculiar. But Dinamo Cup - 2019 for children born in 2008 will surely take its special place.

First, the list of participants was really impressive. Usually, the status of "international" tournament is provided by one or two invited teams. Sometimes each group has a representative from foreign country. But this time, out of 16 teams, only 5 were local, from Belarus. The remaining 11 teams represented 5 countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine.

The fact that the level of the tournament has grown has become clear already by the end of the first matchday, when its last year's winner, the team of Dinamo-Minsk, managed to gain only three points in two matches, and even the victory in the last match of the group stage did not guarantee the hosts a pass to the playoffs!

Looking a bit ahead, we'll say that Dinamo managed to pass the group stage from the second place and letting Mahileu sports school-7 take the first place. Unfortunately, Dinamo-Minsk failed in the quarter-finals losing to Makhachkala "Anji". The guests played so well that they did not allow Dinamo players to make a single shot on goal.

In general, everyone liked the team from Dagestan, without exception. And not only because of the decent and mature game. But also because of the sporting nobility, respect for the opponent.



In group "A" two Dynamo teams - Moscow and Riga - were in the lead. They played each other in the opening match. 2:1 - Moscow won. And who knew that the goal conceded from the Latvians would be the only disappointment for the guests from the Leo Yashin Dynamo Academy. Dynamo Moscow did not miss a single goal in main time ever since.

In group "B", FC Minsk and Kaliningrad Sport School-5 produced gained tickets to the quarter finals, to the surprise of many, leaving not only Bryansk Dynamo, but also traditionally a very strong team from Chertanovo.
From the group "C" in the playoffs, Kaliningrad "Baltika" accompanied to the already mentioned “Anji”.

It was very pleasant to see how the coaches of the Dinamo-Minsk Academy of younger ages watched the competitions of the older teams. Their teams will soon be participating in such tournaments. It is never too late to learn, and it is gratifying that our coaches every time do not miss the opportunity to learn something new for themselves.

One of the most strong-willed teams of the tournament was the Mahileu Sports School-7. Having defeated Vilnius Baltic Football Academy and Chernihiv "Yunost" in the group tournament with a minimum score of 2:1, the young Mahileu defended their goals in the match against Dinamo-Minsk 0-0, and from the first place in the group made it to the playoffs.

Usually plenty of goals are scored in the children's tournaments. And this goalless draw, at first, was seamed like something atypical. But in the playoffs Mahileu team did not just play 0-0 twice, but also decided the fate of their matches in penalty shootouts. In the 1/4 finals Mahileu team clashed with "Baltic". In the penalty shootout Mohileu team was more accurate - 2:0.


In the semifinals, Mohileu met with FC "Minsk". In the penalty shootout the team from the city over the Dnepr was again stronger - 2:0!

The second finalist, Dynamo Moscow, consistently beat the Kaliningrad Sports School-5 - 2:0. And in the semifinal FC Anji - 1:0.

In the consolation tournament, it is worth mentioning not just the game, but the character of the young players of the farm club of Moscow CSKA - the Narofominsky Airborne Forces-Sport Club. Twice the team decided the fate of the match in a penalty shootout, and both times lost: Chernigov - 6: 7 and Bulgarian FC "Dit" - 7:8! The tears of the losers dried out quickly. They sincerely thanked the opponent and the organizers of the tournament.


As part of the out-of-competition program was the visit of all participants to the KHL match Dinamo (Minsk) - "Sochi". Many children not only visited such a magnificent skating rink as “Minsk-Arena” for the first time, but in general never saw a hockey match before. It is not surprising that both the children and their parents were very excited!

In the match for the 3rd place, the teams of FC "Minsk" played against FC "Anji". Both teams lost in the semifinals in very beautiful and intense fights. Makhachkala players after the final whistle of the match against Dynamo Moscow simply collapsed on the lawn in exhaustion. Maybe that's why FC Minsk could won the victory - 2:0.

The final match was very colorful. From the first seconds Moscow Dynamo pushed Mahileu team back with the rain of attacks.  Corner free kick one after another, numerous shot on goals. But the Belarusians held out! At the same time they tried to counterattack. And could survived the main time of the match, transferring the match to a penalty shootout, again. But this time Moscow team was stronger and as a result - an absolutely deserved victory - 2:1.
As a consolation for the losers, we can say that this happens in sports - you do not lose a single match, but you do not win the tournament.


Result places in the tournament:

1st place: Dynamo (Moscow, Russia). Best player: Artem Chobanu.
2nd place: SDUSHOR-7 (Mogilyov). Best player: Yahor Molchan.
3rd place: FC "Minsk". Best player: Jan Starozhyk.

4 - Anji (Makhachkala, Russia). Best player: Pavel Gaziev.
5 - Dinamo-Minsk. Best player: Stsiapan Zhyhimont.
6 - Baltika (Kaliningrad, Russia). Best player: Stepan Arutyumov.
7 - Dynamo (Riga, Latvia). Best player: Aleksey Shvidky.
8 - Sports School 5 (Kaliningrad, Russia). Best player: Dmitry Elkin.
9 - "Yunost" (Chernigov, Ukraine). Best player: Timofei Pristup.
10 - Dnepr (Mahileu, Belarus). Best player: Viachaslau Yazymau.
11 - Chertanovo (Moscow, Russia).
12 - Dynamo (Bryansk, Russia). Best player: Ivan Gnedin.
13 - FC DIT (Sofia, Bulgaria). Best player: Dimitar Tsenov.
14 - Airborne Sports Club (Naro-Fominsk, Russia). Best player: Alexander Nych.
15 - Baltic Football Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania). Best player: Yokobas Vežis.
16 - Arbita (Minsk, Belarus).

The best players of the tournament:

Best goalkeeper: Yahor Matveenka - Sports School-7 Mahileu
Best defender: Rustam Safi - FC Minsk
Best midfielder: Hasan Gitinov - Anji
Best forward: Arseny Khvalko - Dynamo Moscow
The best player of the tournament: Timofey Marinkin - Dynamo Moscow

Tournament photo galleries can be viewed in the Dinamo Minsk Academy group in VKontakte:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2




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