The opening of Dinamo stadium


Yesterday a friendly match between the combined team of Minsk and Brest "Dinamo" and the team combined of the players from other teams was held at "Dinamo" stadium. Six-year reconstruction of the stadium is complete!





This is so nice to come back to dear "Dinamo" stadium! Finally we can see and feel the renovated legendary stadium.


And in a symbolic football match dedicated to the grand opening of the stadium met joined team combined from players from Minsk and Brest Dinamo, on the one hand, and a joined teams combined of players from other Belarusian teams, on the other hand. "Dinamo" team won with a score of 4:3! Two Dinamo-Minsk players scored:  Oleksander Noiok and Aliaksander Makas, as well as two Dinamo Brest players: Pavel Savitski and Raman Vasilyuk. Opponents goals: Dzmitry Antsileuski, Yauheni Shykauka and Aliaksander Khaladzinski.


It is very symbolic that the first goal, a very beautiful goal, was scored by the Dinamo-Minsk player, the captain of our team, Oleksander Noiok. The player did not hide emotions after the match: "Wonderful atmosphere at the stadium. I liked it very much. Very beautiful stadium. I'm sure the fans will be pleased to come, and football players will pleased to play at it. I have very bright feelings from this match, from the opening of the arena. And the goal was good, they say (laughs). The pitch is also very good! We all in  "Dinamo" would like to come back to the stadium as soon as possible. I'm sure our fans also dream about the same thing".


Maksim Zhaunerchyk echoes Oleksander Noiok: "Only positive emotions. The entourage is good. I think everyone will like the stadium and will gladly come to watch football here. I still remembers how did the old stadium look. It became much more comfortable"..


The stadium is ready. The grand opening was held. Now we need to receive an official license from competent football organizations and then - it's time to return back home - to our dear Dinamo stadium!





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