Dinamo - Slavia- 2:0


Minsk "Dinamo" has booked the silver medal in 2 rounds before the end of the championship.





To be honest, the match against "Slavia" ended like it was expected to. "Dinamo" got its victory with no troubles. However according to the guest's coach Yuri Puntus at the post-match press conference he said that he had no questions to the team about efforts. But the quality of the game was not satisfactory...

It's in the first round, in Mozyr, the match was on a collision courses and tickled fans of both teams.
But now Slavia got into a black series of 8 defeats on the last 11 matches. And "Dinamo" even after a very disappointing result of the recent match in Villarreal looked much preferably than the opponent. opponents.

As for the game, as usual Dinamo had a lot of opportunities but lacking a finish strike at the same time.

We have already noticeded that in this season a funny situation occurs ever and ever. If Dinamo scores several time in the same match it is more likely that it is going to be the same player: Beqiraj, Adamovic, and now it's time for Udoji. In less than two months Udo scored nine times already and now is taking the first place among Championship strikers.


But in this match all our top scorers could had their chances. Adamovic hit the crossbar, again. Good attack from Beqiraj was stopped by Haeu. At the end of the match, could have scored Rassadkin but he was shot down by Hrechyshka who received a red card for this breach.


And only Udoji has fully used all his chances! First, he responded to an excellent thought-flank pass from Voronkov and hammer the ball into the goals with the head.


In another moment Udo was at the right time in the right place: Karytka took a corner, Beqiraj won the ball on the second floor and Udoji finished the attack.


So, 2 matchdays before the end of the tournament "Dinamo" already took silver medals of the Championship of Belarus-2015.

But if for most teams the season will be over in 2 weeks, "Dinamo" still has a month and a half marathon ahead. It includes two championship matches, 2 matches in the Cup against "Neman" Grodno.

Yes, and in the Europa League, where "Dinamo" will play 3 more matches in the second round of the group stage, where the team still has a number of unresolved problems: 0 points and 0 goals scored ...

Blue-whites has to put the celebration of the "silver" for better times and we hope that they will add more occasions for the celebration.



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