Dinamo - Shakhter - 1:0. No margin for error


Dinamo Minsk, beating Shakhter Soligorsk, exacerbates intrigue in the national championship!





"All's well that ends well!" - This phrase could be heard after the game among the fans leaving the stadium "Tractor" after the match. Indeed, having a good advantage in the game - the ending turned out pretty nervous and difficult for the “blue and white”. Violations of the rules, penalties, corners - but there is still a victory and 3 points!

The main topic in the stadium, whether the press center or the gallery of "Tractor" has become a game BATE and "Gomel". Actually not the game itself but the result which raised the intrigue in the national championship. But football team kept cool: we do not look at a competitor, all this takes nerves. We need to play ourself and take our points. That’s what is really important now - says Vasil Khamutouski.

An interesting fact for the history of "Dinamo" is that the next goal of Nenad Adamovic will raise him to the rank of top scorer among legionnaires of our team.

- Yes, seriously? Just one goal? - Surprised Serbian’s face breaks into a smile before the game. - And how many goals has Beqiraj, 16? Ooh, I'll do it (laughs Adamovic). In fact, no matter how much I will score or Fatos - the main thing is the result.

The fans filled the stadium gallery. The earliest visitors got delicious ice cream from Dinamo. As always, girls making face-art to our fans were demanded especially. Boys from the football schools of Kharkiv, "Rubin" and Kiev "Dynamo" could be noticed as well. The children accepted the invitation to visit the match with pleasure. – We couldn’t miss the game of the Minsk "Dinamo", being in the Belarusian capital. By the way, I want to thank you for the organization of the Curnenin Cup tournament - we really liked it - said one of the coaches of "Rubin".


Lineup of "Dinamo" had only one difference from the previous match. Veretilo replaced Behunou. Soligorsk started actively and Kamarouski was the first in the match to create a really dangerous moment: he dribbled defense and almost punished Dinamo if not Hutar

But first dangerous moment near the gate of "Shakhter" ended with a goal. Adamovic passed to Neacsa, who struck powerfully on goal.

At the end of the first half Dinamo could score the second goal when Neacsa took a ball after a mistake of Uladzimir Bushma and could score to empty gate but was held stopped by hands of Soligorsk’s goalkeeper - just yellow card instead of the second goal.

The second half began the same way as the first: very calm and measured. Team, mindful of the importance of the result and the strength of the opponent, tried to reduce the risk in their defense to minimum.

But "Dinamo" still played as the first number and had a tangible advantage could grow into more substantial during second 45 minutes. Rasadkin missed several 100% chances, so as Beqiraj. By the end of the match Bulyha appeared on the field, entering the game very actively. And he could score!

By the compensated time the vector of the game has shifted sharply towards our goal. Multiple corners earned by visitors, free kicks. One of the "standards" could also result into a goal to "Shakhter". Bushma became a "hero" one more time - Uladzimir ran to a corner of the penalty area of "Dinamo", but Dinamo took the ball after it and could strike on the empty goal. But one of the passes was not accurate and an empty net stayed unpunished. All is good that ends well! Such an important victory! We keep working and moving on! After all, very soon we will begin to storm the last barrier on the way to the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

Dinamo, go ahead!


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