Dinamo Inside.


"We traveled to the match through Baikal, Siberia and the Urals." How fans support Minsk "Dinamo" in Europe.





Captivating sketches about football life in Belarus will be represented in the next “Dinamo Inside” episode.

This is a parody of a crucial confrontation period of Dinamo players and Austrian "Salzburg" - a series of penalties, where "white-blue" fans played the role of a "miracle worker" for Aliaksandr Hutar. The episode will highlight the meeting in which David Zoubek and silver medalist of the 2014 Slobodan Simovic participated (Czech Republic, the first match of Dinamo in the group stage of the Europe League). And the story will tell us about true fans of the team, some of whom came to Plzen from the Mongolian steppes to support "Dinamo".


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