Dinamo sports society - 95 years!


Dinamo sports society celebrates 95th anniversary!





Dear fans!

Today is a remarkable day for any "Dinamo Sports Society" members, any person who honors and respects the legendary letter "D".

It was on this day, April 18, 1923, 95 years ago, when the Proletarian Sports Society "Dynamo" was founded.

And the oldest football club of Belarus - "Dinamo-Minsk" was founded on the basis of the Sports Society "Dynamo".

Over 95 years of legendary history, the representatives of the Sports Society "Dynamo"  took part in various national and international competitions. As a separate team, and as part of the national teams of the USSR and the Republic of Belarus.

The society has prepared a large number of champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, World and European Championships. Dynamo repeatedly set all kinds of records: world, Olympic, European, national. Everyone who once in his life had something to do with Dynamo always proudly says: "I'm a Dynamo member"!

The football club "Dinamo-Minsk" congratulates all the members of the Sports Society "Dynamo" and all Dynamo sportsmen, all those who ever went to the sports arena under the white-blue flag and with the proud letter "D" on the chest and in the heart, on this significant date! Who still represents the legendary sports society in any competition.

We congratulate all fans on this memorable date - it's your holiday! It is you who for decades created a unique atmosphere of a sporting event and supported Dynamo!

We believe and are convinced that Dynamo champions will conquer the highest sports prizes and more than once!

Happy Anniversary, Dynamo!

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18.04.2018 as 19:03

Поздровляем с 95 -ти летием,дальнейших побед))и удачи во всех играх)))