New Year's holiday at Dinamo stadium.


New Year's holiday for children from "Leninsky children's boarding school".






Today, our football club took part in a small celebration organized by the National Olympic Stadium "Dinamo" for pupils of the "Children's boarding school of the Leninsky district of Minsk" within the framework of the national campaign "Our Children". In addition to the employees of Dinamo-Minsk and Ihar Shytau, the event was attended by honored Belarusian athletes: Vasilisa Marzalyuk and Yanina Karalchik-Pravalinskaya.



Early in the morning, a pleasant pre-holiday bustle felt within the walls of the children's school. That most pleasant feeling when you know that this holiday is about to come. And here he it is - the real Dinamo bus! Even those who are far from sports and are not very interested in football, managed to feel the significance of this tremulous moment.



And a real surprise was waiting for kids at the stadium: Olympic champion, multiple winner of world forums, a player of the national team of Belarus. Yes, let's not hide the fact that not many guys recognized our honored athletes, but when the host of the holiday listed their numerous regalia - the children had eyes rounded with delight. When will there be an opportunity to personally talk with such great athletes?



The New Year's tree party at the stadium was held according to all canons: round dances, funny contests and songs. Dynamosh was entertaining the children as best he could, and they answered him with smiles and applause. Of course, there were the main characters - Father Frost and Snow Girl with sweet gifts for the children. Ihar Shytau from our football club presented a set of sports equipment.



After the official part, the participants of the holiday moved to the press conference hall, where everyone could ask a question to the deserved athletes, get an autograph. Our defender was very well prepared for the event, taking with him two football jerseys, which he presented to the most active guys in the hall.



Participation in such events is the least how we can help children. What can be better than live communication with real Belarusian sports stars? We will believe that today's meeting will be a defining moment in the destinies of many guys who today so sincerely smiled and rejoiced at the upcoming holiday. Let them be all right and let them succeed.


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