Dinamo - Viktoria - 1:0


"Dinamo-Minsk" for the first time in two seasons wins the home match of the group stage of the Europa League!





The last match of "Dinamo-Minsk" can qualified as a real thriller. There was everything:  exciting plot, unfortunate surprises, very unexpected culmination and a happy end. Those who despite the cold on November evening came to "Borisov-Arena" left the stadium with a wagon of positive impressions!


The match of the 5th round of the group stage of the UEFA Europa League "Dinamo-Minsk" and the Czech "Victoria" didn't have any tournament value - Czech team had very little chances. Our chances were even lower. however the match could be seen like a challenge between this two teams, who will take the last place in the standings. In addition, the Dinamo had an additional motivation to slam the door in the home match. Before this match our team was the only one in the current draw of the League of Europe who was unable to gain any points.


Cold weather could become an advantage for us, but before the match Czechs assured us that the frost didn't scare them, Pilsen the weather is also rather cold. So we should only worry about our fans. But the fans did very good. The support was outstanding. The main personas of the evening were the soldiers who came to the match. From the first minutes of the match soldiers were driving the team forward. The players after the match will notice that today support was on high level. Also, our friends from the basketball club "Tsmoki-Minsk" visited the match. Not so long ago our team was invited to a basketball match, and today - our friends have thanked us with a return visit.


"You came to support us in our match - and we were finally able to win at home. Let's hope that now we will bring you good luck, too!" - smiled Aliaksandr Kul before the match.


In the starting lineup "Dinamo" surprised with the absence of Nenad Adamovich, replaced with Uladzimir Karytska. In the rest Vuk Rašović used the most optimal composition. Czechs head coach decided to give the rest to the main scorer - Michal Ďuriš and goalkeeper Matos Kozachik. From the starting whistle the Czechs immediately took the ball under control. However, after the first ten minute situation has changed. But after almost half an hour Dinamo missed. Behunou made a mistake in a simple situation and failed to send the ball away from the goal and avert the threat.  The Czechs took advantage of and played a combination. Fortunately for us, the goal was not counted - offside. Dinamo immediately answered with a counterattack. Fatos Beqiraj ran one-on-one with goalkeeper of the guest team and shot on goal, but Bolek was very good.


The most dangerous moment of the match was created by the Czechs at the beginning of the second half. Makhmutovich overplayed Bangura and sent the ball to Kovarz, who practically saw the empty goal from a distance of 10-12 meters, but he missed from the favorable situation. In the middle of the second half Dinamo scored and also from an offside position. But it was only in the opinion of the referee. On the replay it was seen that Fatos Beqiraj was in the correct position.


The match was almost over. Viewers almost agreed with the idea that they wouldn't see a win goal that day. The last attempt of Vuk Rašović to change something in the match was Maksim Vitus. But it was only an attempt. An unexpected thing happened. Fourth official raised the board with numbers "3" and "20" - which meant that Oleg Veretilo had to leave the field. But Oleg was not in a hurry to leave the field. Veretilo took off his T-shirt, beneath which was another one with the words: "Thank you all for the warm years in Dinamo!" And made a lap of honor around the pitch. Yes, it would seem incredible - Oleg Veretilo leaved "Dinamo" after 11 years. But for the removal of the t-shirt Oleg received a "yellow card". It was the second one.. That meant - the red card. That was so unfortunate..

But this sad story had a happy ending. Already in additional time Fatos Beqiraj received the ball and broke through to the penalty area where a defender of "Victoria" shut our forward down! Penalty shoot out! But this was not it! The ball took Nenad Adamovich, who does not practice penalty shoot outs. The kick was not good at all and got to the goalkeeper, but the second kick was good!

"Borisov Arena" explode! "GOOOOAAAL"!! Thousands of cheering fans, the joy of the team. Probably, the happiest man was in the locker room - Oleg Veretilo! After all, it is quite possible this could be the last match for Oleg in "Dinamo". Later Oleg published in his Instagram a post with words of gratitude to the fans, the players, the coaching staff, employees of the club for years in "Dinamo". Yes, it is really touching. Everything turned out beautifully! And most importantly, this is the first victory in the Europa League this year and the first points. We believe they are not the last!


We congratulate all our fans on this victory! All those who supported us before the TV screen! All those who supported us in the stadium! Thank you for your support!



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