Day 4. Interview with U-21 team players


The 4th day of the first Turkish training camp. 






Today was the 4th day of the first training camp of our team in Turkey. The team is getting preparing for the first friendly match. Firstly our players had a training session on the grass, developing various elements of football skills, and after noon the guys had a regular running exercise. Day after day, the guys add in the fit. Who is the strongest footballer in team? Artsiom Bykau! His physical readiness is in excellent condition! In the evening "Yageloniya" (Poland, D1) and "Goverla" (Ukraine, D1) played a friendly match near our hotel. Poles were stronger with a minimum score. Our players could watch the match from the windows of the gym.

In the evening we talked to the bronze medalists of the Commonwealth Cup 2015: Siarhei Karpovich, Siamion Shastsilouski and Yaraslau Yarotski. The told about their impressions of the tournament in St. Petersburg and about the first training session with the team.


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