Dinamo - Shakhter. Comments of players


Post-match comments of players





The defender Umaru Bangura was recognized as the best "Dinamo" player of the match. Legionnaire from Sierra Leone was brief and self-possessed not only on the field but also in the mixed zone.

How hard was the game today?

- Each game is given hard, especially in such game graphics. I try to do my best in every game, so as not to miss a goal. Now it is very important to get points to get closer to BATE. It is good that we won today. Also, it’s always very difficult to play against "Shakhter". This is a great team with experienced players. We were waiting for when they make a mistake, to take advantage of this.

Today, you are the best player of the match. Satisfied?

Each player is happy when one recognizes his as the best one. Today it was me, so I am pleased. I received good watches. I'll wear it (smiles).

How do you like the atmosphere of the match?

- It was good. We try to attract fans by our game. Of course, I would like to have more support in the match. It is very important for us. It gives us motivation and mood for the game.


Vladimir Korytko:

How does the team feel physically today?

- Oh, of course, there was no such freshness. This is understandable, the last game was very hard. Firstly, the games were very responsible, and secondly, the heat affected. That’s why so much effort was given to the game ... It was not easy, as we would like.

Do you think the transfer of the match at 17:00 pm had a positive impact on the game?

- I think yes. If played at 15:30 - it would be much harder.

BATE stumbled yesterday. This fact disrupted somehow?

- You know, I do not want to discuss BATE and think about them. We've got your game, and to see in the autumn what and how.

What do you think about the game?

- Of course, it was very responsible. We needed to win. If we stumble - it would give us a big problem in the standings. Today we focused on result, and we have achieved it.

Why did not the team score again today having so many moments?

- Yes, we had a lot of chances. If scored again - the game would settle down. It would be much easier.

Now you are to prepare to the Austrians?

- Yes of course. But today, let us rest, and tomorrow we’ll begin preparations. We do understand the responsibility and importance of the moment.

On the first day of ticket sales it was sold approximately 2,000 units. It is expected a full stadium.

- I want the fans to support us as furiously as before. I wish that this stadium to be lucky for us.


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