Post-match comments by Chyzh and Yatchenko.


Aliaksander Chyzh and Dzmitryi Yatchenko comment on the result of the match.






Aliaksander Chyzh:


- A very difficult match. This is our Minsk derby, therefore matches are always interesting watch and play. Today, I believe, we showed beautiful football on both sides. Fans saw a lot of goals. Of course, for defenders, for us, this is bad to miss twice. But in general, the main thing is that we have achieved victory. There were mistakes. We will analyze them anf fix them.

Today you scored your first goal for Minsk-Dinamo in the championship. The goal that brought victory to the team. Your emotions?

- Of course, I am very glad that I was able to bring victory to the team, a very important victory. But this is thanks to Valera Kichin. Without his assist  I would not have been able to score. In general, this was due to the coordinated actions of all players. The most important thing for us is the victory of the team.

Newcomers appeared in defense. Yatchenko, Kichin, Galovic has returned. What is the situation with mutual understanding on the field?

- We are in the same tune with newcomers. We have a friendly atmosphere in the team, we all communicate well. I think that every day we will better and better understand each other on the field. 



Dmitryi Yatchenko:


Dima, a few words about the match

- In fact, we created problems for ourselves, missed an absurd goal in the first half. Basically, started the match rather nervously. But, I think, we controlled the game, managed to equalize. In the second half we started actively, we wanted to score a quick goal, but instead we missed from the free kick. But nevertheless, all the guys showed their character and managed to win.

Matches against FC "Minsk" for some reason are always very difficult.

I don’t even know what it is so. Probably because FC Minsk, like any other team, has a special tune for  Dinamo and plays with double energy, tries to show its best. But we did great, I think we had a good game, if not to count these two missed goals. Any match can go hard. But the main thing is to go out, show all you can.

You invested in this strong-willed victory your assist.

- This is my main task - to assist, and the attackers have to score. Today Pejovic scored, rushed into the free zone and struck a good blow. Most importantly, the team played rationally and used most of its opportunities. Fans, I think, were pleased that we showed such a game, vigorous, quality. Of course we are happy. Gaining last minute victory in such matches is doubly nice.



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