Minsk - Dinamo - 0:3. Post-match comments by players


Dinamo players comment on the results of the match






Yaraslau Yarotski shares his impressions:

The second match at the first team at the season. Things are going uphill. How do you feel yourself in this regard?
- The goal was the same: to help the team to win. We were to win today.

You start playing more. Does the coaches’ trust gives you confidence?
- Yes of course. Honestly speaking, there was a thrill in the first match. But in the next - I felt much more confident already.

What has changed after coming of Vuk Rasovic in the team?
- Psychologically, first of all. We became a team.

Any changes in the coaching process?
- I would not say that something has changed dramatically. We started working on tactics deeper. More tips on the field between players - it helps.

The first half was good for you.
- I'm not entirely happy with my play. The coach said during a break that his task was accomplished in the first half.

Nusmir Fayich. Back to the first team.

- The game was very hard. In the first half we had just few chances but could not score. In the second half the game opened, we have scored three goals. And it is good for us. We will try to catch up with opponents in the championship.

Today you have appeared on the field after a break, how hard it was for you?
- Every game is hard. But today I played a little more than an hour and managed to score a goal, as well as to assist. I think it is good. As for my physical form, I have few practice in «Maribor» for a long time, so now I’m just getting shape. But now things are much better.

You spent some time for reserves.
- It was a hard time for me. But now all is well.

Can we say that it helped you?
- I think so (laughs).


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