Gomel - Dinamo: comments of players


Dinamo players summarize the match





Yaraslau Yarotski:

What did you think about after the final whistle?

- I would not say that I felt happiness. The second place was taken, but you know that we wanted to be first. With hope we will look toward the next season.

You come out in the start lineup for the second match in a row. Do you think you cope with the tasks?

- I think I manage to cope with the tasks from the head coach. I tried to play clean, to work out in the defense.

Are you pleased with today's game?

- Yes, in general we can be satisfied. Everything was good. We controlled the situation. We missed first – it’s because of losing of concentration. But we came to our senses quickly.

Before the match you with the guys talked to your colleagues from Gomel. What did you talk about?

- I know many of them well, we play in the youth national team together. We tried not to talk of the game.

What impressions Gomel left?

- Gomel is a good team. They have a young team, guys are trying and gaining experience.

Will it be boring without "Gomel" in the Major League?

- I think, yes. Games against "Gomel" has always been difficult and interesting.

Fatos Beqiraj:

Championship is over. What do you feel now?

- Yes, it is possible to sum up. If you look at the season as a whole, we failed the beginning of the season and has already let BATE to pull ahead. But then Vuk has taken the team, the game stabilized. We started to show good football and everything went well. In the end, though, there were problems. Speaking in general about the season – it was good. Yes, we could be champions and that was our goal. For us it was important, but in general, anyway, the season was a success one. We took the silver, went into the Europa League. This is a good result for the team, for the players. I think that now we will try to collect all forces to show maximum results in games of Europa League and Cup of Belarus.

You could not score for a long time. What was the problem?

- I had a good first half of the season. I scored quite a lot of goals in different tournaments. What happened after that - a mystery. Yes, of course, the fatigue was accumulated - we had a lot of games. But for me it was a problem. Especially when everyone around talks about it: the fans and journalists. In August, we played eight games, one of them we fought 120 minutes, and there were also the national team games. Of course, the tension was very strong. But I tried to bring the result, but not everything succeeds. Next season I will try to score more.

Do you feel relieved now?

- Yes, today I scored finally (smiles). I feel much better. We won and I hope it will be even better in future. I feel a lot of energy and I think I have to break through. We still have the Cup and the Europa League ahead. We will fight till the end!


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