Dinamo derby: Players comments.


Igor Voronkov and Kiryl Pramudrau comment on the results of the match





This match could not be regular for Kiryl Pramudrau. Coming into play against former team, a footballer has always special feelings. Today Kiryl came off the bench and managed to score. It was his first goal for our club.

How did you dispose yourself for today's match?

- Psychologically, I did not feel any pressure at myself. I disposed myself as for an ordinary match. Yes, "Dinamo Brest" is my own team and playing against your former team is unusual, but on the pitch you forget about all this and think only about the game and the result.

How did the team prepare for the match?

- We tried to ignore all bad thoughts. On Thursday there was another setback, but we tried to forget about it and focus our thoughts on today's match. Today we were able to prove our worth.

Today, before your goal you had another opportunity to score.

- Yes, there was a good pass from Rasadkin and I had a good position, but received the ball badly and lost a chance to score.

After scoring a goal, you didn’t celebrate it.

- Yeah, you know, I thought before the match that if it happen to score - I will not celebrate the goal.

After the match, you came to the Fan Zone of Brest. What did the guys say?

- I went to thank them. And they thanked me for the time I spent in Brest and wished me good luck.

Igor Voronkov:

- The mood after Thursday was not pleasant in the team, but we were preparing to this game in a serious way. We tried to keep all the accumulated emotions in ourselves and think only about the upcoming match. The team could not simply let itself to stumble again in the 9th time. It was unacceptable. 2-3 games - is a lot, and 9 - it's just beyond the reality. Today, we managed finally to win.

Was it an extra motivation that your opponent was Brest - the team with which we have the eternal problems in the championship.

- Motivation was enormous. We really wanted to rehabilitate ourselves after the match in the first sickle.

What were the thoughts after the first, very quick goal conceded?

- Hard to say. Everyone had their own thoughts, but I think it was hard - clearly. But we still had enough time and were confident that will score. We managed to turn the game, to create a lot of chances and achieve a good result.

What were the instructions from the coaching staff during the break?

- There was a command for more attention in defense and at the same time, we were confident that we can score more. And it happened this way. Although we had mistakes, but also created a lot.

The match schedule was shifted in order to give the team more time to recover after playing in the Europa League. In this regard the match time was so early at a working day. What do you think of this?

- I believe that this extra day helped us to prepare better for the game. Early kick-off time? Unfortunately, we are playing at the stadium without illumination, and probably there was no other options with the start time of the match. Of course, we are upset that many fans didn’t come to see our victory. We know that they are angry because of the lack of results, and today's game could please them.


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