Post-match comments and Chyzh and Lyah.


Aliaksander Chyzh and Uladzislau Lyakh comment on the match results.





Uladzislau Lyakh:

The match was very interesting. Unfortunately we lost. But we had good scoring opportunities, somewhere were not lucky enough. We missed two goals, we must work on defense.
For me, this was the first such a serious match. Of course, I was waiting for it for a very long time. Probably, already three days before I was preparing morally. Understood that BATE has a list of classy players. But from the very beginning we were set only to win, we tuned up to go out and win.

I'd like to note the support of the fans. With such a support it is always to pleasure to play. A higher motivation when you play before such audience. And that's why it is twice as painful to lose. Next time we play in the Europa League. This match has already passed. We will work on our mistakes and, I'm sure, victories are still ahead


Aliaksander Chyzh:

Today Dinamo had one of the most important matches of the season. A few words about the game.

- A very tough match, energy consuming. In the first half, we had some hard times. We were sitting low, more in defense, tried to counterattack, hold the ball. It was noticeable that in the second half we attacked more, scored a goal. And unfortunate defeat, of course, especially when you miss in the very end. But we got a lot of experience in today's match, we will work out mistakes, and move on.

Such matches always are always on focus, many fans has come. How do you like the atmosphere at the stadium?

- Yes, there were lots of people today, it was very nice to see them all in the stands. This is still our Belarusian derby. I would like to thank the fans who came up and supported us. Of course, they are not satisfied with the result, but we will sort out our mistakes, make conclusions and try to rehabilitate in the next matches.

In the second half, the team showed a much better football, managed to score. What did Siarhei Hurenka say in the locker room?

- He pointed out our mistakes. He said to fight for the ball in every episode, put the pressure on the opponent and try to score. Because in such matches everyone is waiting for a lot of struggle, goals. In the second half, I think we were able to give the opponent a fight, but were a little bit unlucky. Very unfortunately, of course, because we had good opportunities. But I think the fans liked the game.

Today's "clasico" was the first one for young players. Probably, they were especially waiting for such a match?

- It was my first "clasico" as well. Of course, at the very beginning a little excitement was present, but in the first seconds after the whistle you forget about everything and concentrate only on the game. For all, this match is a very serious test. And no matter, if you are 17 or 30 years old. Everyone needs to go on the field and prove in every single combat, in every game episode.

The next match is in the Europa League. Will today's defeat not affect the team's performance?

- European cups are always interesting matches, we will prepare and try to reach as far as possible. We must quickly switch from national championship to play off matches. We now have a very difficult schedule: BATE, then Brest. But we are professionals and ready for this. We must forget this match and prepare for the next one. And no matter who the opponent is. We have to play and try to please our fans.



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