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Motherhood in many cultures around the world is a symbol of life, holiness, eternity, warmth and love! And there is no more beloved persons in our life than our mothers!

In 2009 a young and beautiful woman Glafira Vinarskaya gave birth to incredible twins Nazar and Vasilisa. But she hasn’t felt the pleasure of motherhood so far. The reason for that is apparent death while giving birth to children. Doctors saw no ways to make Glafira healthy again. 
But Glafira’s mother Lyudmila Borisenok made a stand for her daughter and grandkids. Mother’s love is shoreless and boundless! Thanks to her mother’s efforts and extensive support of those who do care Glafira has a chance to return to normal, full life. Everyone helps Glafira: health care workers who are always near Glasha, volunteers and republican press who do their best to help raise funds.  
There are no indifferent people in this story and everyone who gets to know about that tries to help Glafira buy medicine, pay for treatment or rehabilitation equipment needed for normal life-sustaining activity.
For 6 years Glafira and her mother live in a ward in rehabilitation facility called “Eleos” attached to the Mercy House. They prove the fact that there are more those who surrendered than who are beaten.
As a result of long exercises Glafira learned how to sit and stand by herself leaning on something, holds her head and tries to speak. Everything that we do without any probems is the result of long and constant exercises. 
FC Dinamo Minsk footballers didn't stand aside and raised sum needed to purchase a special stairlift for a wheelchair. Without that it is impossible to climb the stairs to the 2nd floor. 
Today in the morning captain of the team Sergey Politevich and team chief Sergey Pavlyuchuk handed over the money to Glafira’s mother Lyudmila Borisenok.  
Glafira before giving birth to children…
It is far from the end if the story! But we are sure that Glafira will definitely come home to her children! She will do it by herself! She will defeat her ailment!
Get well, Glasha! Everything will be OK!



FC Dinamo Minsk fans who want to help raise funds for Glafira’s treatment may use any of the charity accounts referred to below:
In order to raise funds for Glafira’s treatment the charity accounts were opened in Banking Services Center №524 (bank branch №795/16) OAO “Belarusbank”, Minsk, Fizkulturnaya Str., 31; UNP 100325912; MFO 153001795
- Belarusian rubles: transit account №3819382105243 for charity account №000016
- dollars: transit account №3819382105243 for charity account №000072
- euro: transit account №3819382105243 for charity account №000010
- Russian rubles: transit account №3819382105243 for charity account №000016
Accounts are opened in the name of Borisenok Lyudmila Vasilyevna for treatment and rehabilitation of Vinarskaya Glafira Mihaylovna.
Money can be also send to electronic wallets:
EasyPay: №22484713
wmz: Z332480638547
wmr: R267164955830
wme: E360806838615
wmb: B846905406263
You may also top up the balance of an MTC mobile phone number: (033) 649-17-39.
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