Results of the championship of Minsk for our Academy.


The championship of Minsk season 2017/2018 - completed.






While the our junior teams continue to determine the best in the championship of the country, the children's teams have finished their season in the championship of Minsk. Following the results of the 2017/2018 season, the Dinamo Academy won one bronze, three silver and one gold medal:

Team 2004 ( coach Sabaleuski) - 3rd place;

Team 2005 (Krukau) - 4th place;

Team 2006 (Maslouski) - 1st place;

Team 2007 (Chalei) - 2nd place;

Team 2008 (Harbar) - 2nd place;

Team 2009 (Dziatlau) - 2nd and 4th places.

Yesterday the decisive match of Minsk city championship among teams-2006 was held. Predictably, teams of "Dynamo" and "Minsk" have met in this match. The tournament position allowed "Minsk" to play a draw in order to win the gold medals, but the team of Siarhei Maslouski was not agree with such a situation. The proper attitude and quality game of the boys let them score four unanswered goals.



The loud "Champions" was heard over a complex of football fields of FC "Minsk", performed by parents and our little champions. Indeed - a great joy and a pleasant event for our Academy!


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