In memory of Uladzimir Zhuravel ...


The most titled football player in the history of our club has passed away...






Uladzimir Ivanavich Zhuravel  means a lot to Dinamo-Minsk. Ever and now... A talented boy from Mazyr got to the Olympic school in Minsk. Under the coaching of Yury Pyshnik young Zhuravel showed his outstanding abilities and already in 1989, the 17-year-old Uladzimir joined the reserve team of Dinamo-Minsk.



His debut for the main team of the BSSR (at the times of the Soviet Union) happened in the match of the first round of the championship-1990. Zhuravel on the 81st minute of the match in Odessa replaced Homanau. Dinamo lost that match with the score 1:3.



In the debut season, the midfielder from Mazyr played quite a bit. But next year, young and promising midfielder has become irreplaceable starting lineup player. In Minsk he played until 1997, with a short break in 1995, when Uladzimir went to Hapoel from Jerusalem. As a player of Dinamo-Minsk, he became the six-time champion of the country and twice won the Belarus Cup. This is the record among all Dinamo players of all times!



For almost nine years in Dinamo Uladzimir Ivanavich played 210 matches in which he scored 24 times - not bad statistics for the defensive midfielder, isn’t it? Only legendary Vitali Valadzinkou played more than him in the modern history of the club.



In 2014, Zhuravel returned to his native club, but as a head coach. "My best memories as a player are naturally associated with this team. Of course, the soul belongs to this team. I believe that I returned home,"- these words are from the very first interview of the new coach.



Dinamo-Minsk fans met Uladzimir Ivanavich with enthusiasm and hope. At one of the matches in the fan sector of Dinamo a large banner appeared with the image of the coach and the words "We strongly believe you still remember the taste of victories". Previously fans never honored a coach so fast.



The team under Zhuravel lead played really well, gaining one victory after another, and showing bright football. Dinamo finished the first half of the championship on the first place, and in European competition, Zhuravel managed to do something that no one else had done before - to bring the team into the UEFA Europa League group stage, beating "Cluj" and "Nacional" on its way.



The fight for the gold medals of the championship continued until the last matchday. But unfortunately, the team finished in second place. And in the group stage of the Europa League Dinamo won only once, but they did it bright and fabulous. In the last match of the season, blue-whites had to play on the road against the famous Fiorentina. There was a very little chance of even a draw. A 10-day pause in the championship was also not in the hand ... But, in spite of everything, Dinamo won, beating the "violets" with a score of 2:1.



The name of Uladzimir Ivanavich Zhuravel will be forever inscribed in the history of our club in gold letters. Excellent football player and coach, decent and intelligent person. A wide soul and a huge heart that incredibly loved the work of his life…



Rest in peace...



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