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В воскресенье, 24 апреля, в Беларуси определили участника международного детского пресс-центра проекта «Футбол для дружбы», реализуемого под патронажем ПАО «Газпром». Победитель конкурса, проводившегося в течение месяца, отправится в Милан для участия в 4-м Международном детском форуме «Футбол для дружбы».






 Major League of the football championship of Belarus. 5th  tour.   "Dinamo" Minsk – Slutsk.

The beauty of football is in error. The football match of the Championship of Belarus between FC "Dinamo Minsk" and FC "Slutsk" took place on the 29th April 2016.
 At this match the hosts came in the role of favorites. In the previous match players from Slutsk won "Shakhtar" from Soligorsk (1:0), and "Dinamo" played a fantastic match in Borisov with BATE (3:3). In the last match between these two teams "Dinamo" was stronger (2:0).
Before the match, everyone was preparing for the game: fans of “Dinamo”  were hanging banners, the support group "Time-out" was preparing for the speech; benches in the Central sectors were being washed. For distinguished people in the "Dinamo" nice women hung branded covers "Dinamo" on the chairs. Employees of the Belarusian TV were preparing for a live broadcast of the match, setting up employees’ camera and connecting equipment. Police was getting ready, concentrating along the perimeter of the stadium. Everything was showing that the match will begin soon.


The match started under control of the owners. Capitals pinned to their own half, but were unable to score against Arthur Lesko. On 31st minute the goalkeeper of "Slutsk" was injured and was forced to leave the field. After, at the press-conference Vyacheslav Grigorov said that the goalkeeper would need surgery on his knee. The last 15 minutes of the 1st half passed with no attacks, but before the whistle for the break players from “Slutsk” could managed to score a goal, but Noyok saved his team.

At halftime the development of the project of football club "Dinamo" - "the dream Team" came
This project helps children from orphanages to feel like professional football players. Players from orphanages divided into two threes, alternately punched from the penalty spot, Sergei Ignatovich. Surprisingly, the boys showed qualities worthy of professional football players, hitting the gate of the Dinamo’s goalkeeper 2 times.



The Winners in this mini-tournament were Max and Pasha, they like all participants in this series of a penalty kick have received memorable prizes from "Dinamo" and "Slutsk". Perhaps the magic of the talisman of the home team – "Dinamosha" helped the orphans to score a penalty. I would like to mention that the "Dinamosha" worked not only in during the break but during the match, lifting the mood of children and their parents.



In the second half Grigorov’s players continued to defend themselves, but have created dangerous moments at gate of owners. At 61st minute, after a free kick, Aliseiko shot to Hutar’s gates, the ball bounced off someone of players and hit the crossbar. However, in 9 minutes "Slutsk" has has been celebrating the first goal in gate of “Dinamo”. After a pass of Zalesski Sergei Glebko has scored a goal. But at 82nd minute Jarocki equalized numbers on the scoreboard. Dinamo could come first, however, Zhukovsky decided to simulate in the Slutsk’s penalty area, for which he received a yellow card.



And at 90th minute Minsk dwellers could missed a draw, but Kurlovich hit the crossbar. In extra time “Slutsk”, as they could have accelerated the course of the match. Firstly, Bobko cleared the ball before Gutor punched a free-kick, then Vyacheslav Grigorov threw the ball on the field. After, at a press conference one of the journalists remembered that moment and asked: have you had any Association, then, from Diego Simeone, to which the commander in chief of “Slutsk" replied that he had acted intuitively and just wanted to help the team.
When the match ended, Vuk Rashovic said that the outcome of the match might . Everyone can make mistakes: players, referees, coaches, but that's the beauty of football. I fully agree with him.

Prepared Artem Podmasko , 13 years old (
The school of young journalist of the press service of FC "Dinamo Minsk"



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