Slobodan Simovic moved to the "Slovan"


Slobodan Simovic left "Dinamo"





On expiry of the contract Slobodan Simovic left "Dinamo- Minsk". Serbian player came to our club in February of 2012 and played in 95 matches, in which he scored 3 goals.

Slobodan used to be a captain of "Dinamo". Our fans always remember him for his sincerity, honesty and hard work

Yesterday Slobodan signed a contract with the Slovakian club "Slovan" from Bratislava. We got in touch with Slobodan last night:

- Yesterday I signed a contract with the club "Slovan". It is the biggest club in Slovakia with a long tradition and history, as "Dinamo" in Belarus. I think it would be a great deal for me and the transfer to the "Slovan" will help me in my development.

What did you feel while leaving "Dinamo"?

- Well, of course it was very hard. I've spent 3 years in Minsk club - it is a long period for a legionary. To be honest, I am very glad, that I had a chance to play in this club. I think these three years I managed to do something good and beneficial for the "Dinamo" as well.

What impressions do you have about Belarus and our capital?

- I’ve left a very good impression of Belarus and Minsk. I will always remember Minsk - a nice city, beautiful capital. The Belarusians - are very nice and friendly people, who always treated me well. This is the most important thing for me.

After the end of the season Slobodan Simovic gave an interview to our site.

We sincerely thank Slobodan Simovic for the time spent in our club and wish him good luck in his new club!

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