Development Cup 2019 - we are in the semifinals!


Belarus junior team made it to the semifinals of the international football tournament.






The junior team of Belarus U-17 gained a ticket to the semifinals of the "Development Cup 2019"! This year reaching the semifinals was a rather difficult task, because you had to take the first place in the group, and in fact the opponents were very serious: Belgium, Finland and Tajikistan.



In the first match, the "white wings" played against the Asians. Belarusians won 0:5. The Belgians, in turn, beat the Finnish national team in a parallel match.



It would seem that the "red devils" should smash the Asians, but no - the Tajik team gave a real fight and snatched a draw. But the Belarusians failed to take advantage of such a gift and the Finns were stronger than our guys with a score of 1:0.



Before the last matches in the group the disposition was quite intriguing. And again juniors from Tajikistan made a sensation by beating the Finnish national team with a score of 2:0. Now everything was in our hands. And the Belarusians this time used the chance. The difficult and strong-willed victory over the Belgians with a score of 3:1 allowed the wards of Mikhail Marchel to reach the play-off matches of the tournament. We note that the third goal was scored by our Uladzislau Lozhkin.



All three Dinamo players (Uladzislau Kalinin, Hleb Rouda, Uladzislau Lozhkin), playing for the national team, took part in all three matches.



The teams of Israel, Slovakia and Georgia also made their way to the semi-finals of the Development Cup. It is with the Georgians on Saturday, our guys will play the next match, which will start at 18:20. We invite everyone to the football!


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