Nenad Adamovic: "For these years in Dinamo I fall in love with Minsk. I would be happy to stay here longer".


One of the most faithful players of our club gives us a good, interesting interview in which he talks about his love for our capital, of the moments of the past season. Talks about Adamovic family ties and Belarusian BelAZ, a doll-grandmother and many other interesting things! Enjoy reading!




Season 2015 is almost over ... The only one game left.

- This year we started the season very bad, and that was our main problem. We lost 7 points in the first three rounds and lost to BATE in the semifinals of the Belarus Cup - a lot of failures for a start of the season. Lost points at the start - one of the main reasons why we were not able to beat the rival in the fight for the gold. Yes, we tried and were able to get closer to Borisov for a distance of 3 points, but we didn’t manage to overcome them. We were not able to get points in the remaining important games. This is football, and to win 15 games in a row is very difficult.

What is the reason of unsuccessful start? The team was not able to adjust to the requirements of Dušan Uhrin, Jr.?

- We had a very hard training at the training camp, it was harder than last year, and when we started the championship game, we have already felt some fatigue. I think it's because of the pre-season. With Zhuravel we had a lot of work with the ball at the training camp, and last year, you remember, how good we started.

This year is the first camp, we had a lot of running - it was really hard, but we worked and coped with stress. This was a requirement of head coach. But, after all, perhaps we were not prepared for such an intense physical work – for 2 months. The previous year was easier to work, we had many conversations with the coach, worked with a ball, and the results were different. Even the results of friendly matches as camps were different, although this is not the most important - the most important thing is to build a team game, not just to win. We were preparing for the championship, but the start of the season was not the best.

One match is left to play in the season - in Austria against "Rapid". Last year, the closing of the season turned out victorious in Florence. Fan wants a repeat of history ...

- We also expect and hope to repeat, we are ready to fight hard and try to do our best in order to win in Vienna. "Rapid" has nothing to lose - they already passed from group, but we have nothing to lose as well: we cannot leave the group, but we can take the third place in it for which he will fight. I believe that this will be a good result for us. We will do everything to win, and I think we have a good chance.

After Vienna you will go home finally and on vacation? Have you already decided where to spend holidays?

- After the match with "Rapid" I'll be back with the team to Minsk to solve a couple of questions, then yes – I will go back finally to Serbia. I managed to get bored of the motherland really. My wife and son had already left Minsk, and I dedicate all my time to prepare to the match in Vienna, I really want to win. During this year I have been only twice in Serbia: after the first two camps, It’s almost a year I was not at home.

I just got used to Minsk, I love it here and I spend my weekends with my family here. You feel good and well when your family close to you, and I will say that my family really like Minsk. We all feel as at home already, know where you can go for a walk, relax.

A vacation we will go to Dubai, to relax after a difficult season and gain strength, in order to start preparing for the next game season after the New Year.

Does one know about our club in your homeland?

- Yes. My friends, acquaintances, relatives are really interested in our club and try to watch all the matches. In my hometown there is no lack of places to watch the game, and they know that when "Dinamo" plays in the Europa League - everyone is going to watch our matches.

What else does your family know about Belarus?

- Oh, my family is very familiar with Belarus. My father worked at this very large truck, we still often see them when we go to the games to Borisov.

One call it BelAZ ...

- Yeah! My dad can ride on this big thing. This is a very powerful machine, it is impressive. I have no chance to try to drive it but I would really like to have (laughs).

Belarusians comes also to us in Serbia for the fruits, so it’s possible to meet Belarusians in my homeland often – they are very nice people.

Recently your president used to came to Belarus. There were a lot of flags of Belarus and Serbia in streets. Do you consider our peoples to be brotherly ones?

- Yes, definitely. We have a lot of in common with each other, and Serbs and Belarus have very warm attitude to each other. I really like the people around - they are very nice and friendly. In all that time I have never had any problems with them, and it's very good.

Our languages has much in common even more than with Russian - my friends say about it as well. I know some words in Belarusian, like "bulba" – my favorite one (laughs).

Did you bring our gifts to Serbia?

- I brought a lot of gifts from Belarus to Serbia. Most lovely? Let me remind this word ... a "grandmother" ...


- Yes, exactly (laughs)! Matroshka! I know this is Russian national souvenir, but they are in Belarus as well, and one likes them in my homeland.

I brought to Serbia my medals as well, after all this are my main awards in the sports career. Unfortunately I cannot bring golden one yet, but hopefully, next year I will finally be able to bring the golden medal of the championship of Belarus to Serbia.

What is not enough to get gold?

- We have a great team, but I think we did not have enough players on the bench - in the summer we had a difficult schedule, players are really tired, and sometimes it’s difficult to replace someone.

You are for 2.5 years in Belarus - a considerable period. Do you consider yourself a Minsker?

- Yes, I could say so (laughs). I and I and my family enjoy our city. It’s easy to live here and I would love to stay here to live. For me Minsk is the most beautiful city in Europe in which I've ever lived: I like beautiful and clean streets, beautiful parks. For me Minsk is even more beautiful than Belgrade, and much more. However, except Minsk I didn’t manage to visit anything else during this time.

Where one can meet Adamovic family often?

- We really like your «News» café. Somehow, many Serbs like this cafe. I did advertisements (smiles). Anyway, Serbs like to go to cafe. Also, we like parks, our Pavle loves to run around in the fresh air. Most of all we like the park, which is located near the office of "Dinamo" - Victory Park. Sometimes meet there families of Udoji and Yedigaryan. We used to walk in the park with the family of Nikolic, arrange joint picnics - our kids liked to run and play there. Also, we like Gorky Park, big Ferris wheel.

Can you name the stadium "Tractor" as your favorite place in Minsk?

- I like our stadium, and I like when a lot of fans comes there.

You know, I met this stadium a long time ago - once I traveled with the junior national team of Serbia to a tournament in Belarus, and we played against your team at this stadium, however, in that match I could not play, but Serbs still won. The rest of the games we played in Borisov, and I watched the match against Belarus from the stands.

The stadium "Tractor" has the best field in Belarus, definitely. Stadium has nothing unusual, but the field is very cool. It is a pity that there are no such lawns at other stadiums of the country. Therefore, only home games we spend on such a good cover. It would be desirable and in Europa League matches to play at "Tractor", I'm sure that much more fans could come than to Borisov.

And which stadium you like to visit least?

- The one in Novopolotsk. But the matter is not in the locker room, as many believe. No locker room can stop you to play well - it is not the most important, but the field is very bad. When you play on this pitch – you do not feel yourself as a player.

The field at the stadium in Smolevichi for teams of the first league is even better. It was interesting, but not unusual to play at such stadium. I played on such fields in Serbia. Not every team can have a big stadium, but the main thing is that the stadium must be good and comfortable.

You are one of the favorite players for the public at the "Tractor". Did you manage do make friends with any fans?

- Of course. I have enough friends and acquaintances, who can come up to me after the game and talk to me, and I'm happy to talk to them. I am very pleased that I have such opportunity. I know that they have enough questions to us, and I do not see a problem to answer them. We need to gather with the fans and talk to them. We have one goal.

After the match with "Victoria" you were thanked warmly for your gift of T-shirt of fans.

- Yes, it was very nice. Generally it’s great when the fans like you, because then you have to play better, you try all your best, to express your gratitude to fans in the form of a victory, in the form of goals.

- I will not give these gifts away, I collect it. In my homeland I want to make a special place where I want to hang all my Dinamo trophies and awards. I think it's a cool idea.

It turned out that the Fan Sector in the stands was only in the first half of the season. How was it like to play without it?

- It is very hard to play, when the silence is in the stands. There is a strange feeling when you play on the field and you hear all the tips from the players and the coach - even they are far away. I would like fans to come back to continue supporting us.

In Belarus you can come to football with a small child safely, and in Serbia it is sometimes dangerous, especially during the derby. In Belarus all was quiet. I have seen only one case last year in Novopolotsk in the stands, when something had happened, but not more.

Why there exist such a big difference in relation to football in Belarus and Serbia?

- I know that in Belarus hockey is the most important kind of sport and people generally love this sport, and have less interest in football. In Serbia, a strong focus is on football and fans love it. There are so many fans of "Partizan" and "Zvezda", but other clubs has good support as well. There is a lot of attention to our main game since childhood, on physical education classes.

But in Serbia people like also basketball and water polo, for example.

- Yes it is. They are very fond of sports. There is tennis also, because we have Novak Djokovic, and a lot of people are interested in tennis, every second (smiles). But I do not know why so few people going to football in Belarus - in fact, two teams are playing in Europe. I would not say that the level of football in Serbia and Belarus is different, but the whole Belgrade loves football.

You have very strong teams in many sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo, tennis and other. Youth Serbian football is one of the strongest in the world.

- As I said, one pays a lot of attention to sport, to football – most of all. We've built an entire system of work with young players. Every football club has a strong youth school, which works very seriously with young athletes. And such system exists in every sport. We pay big attention to sport since the smallest physical education classes. So we have a good success in sport.

Yes, we have a very strong youth teams, and I also played for them. I was lucky to be invited to play in the exhibition tournament Meridian-Cup.

What are your most pleasant memories from the season?

- Of course, it is the confrontation with "Salzburg". To beat such a team - this is a very big achievement. "Red Bull" is a very strong European team.

Your substitution in Brest one can call as one of the most important events of your football career?

- This is probably the most important event. In that match, I appeared on the field in the second half and was able to make an assist first, and then to score. That was incredible. Indeed, that was the most important moment in my life.

So you and Vuk are really two wizards. You managed to surprise the opponent completely.

- Yes, everything came out the way we planned (laughs). Vuk came up with a detailed plan of how to act against "Salzburg", and decided to release me in a break, so I made a surprise for the defenders of the guests. Of course, good luck did not pass us by in the game, it is also an important factor.

And in the second leg in Austria you wanted to get to the point and execute a penalty.

- I was ready for this, and if the coach would have told me to go - I would gone and shot, but the coaching staff chose other players, and didn’t mistake. But, nevertheless, I managed to kicked a penalty in match with "Victoria" (smiles). And if Vuk define me some new task in Vienna - I'll try to do it. Nothing is impossible!

More than ten matches in the Europa League you have in your career. Which one is the most memorable?

- Of course it is a match in Florence. I think that in that year we showed weak football in Thessaloniki only, in other games we have fought good, but managed to win only in the last match. It turned out that we have won "Fiorentina", even in away match. Of course, it was a great result. We made a sensation.

Besides that match I will remember a home game against "Villarreal". I believe that in that meeting, we played very well and were able to win, but it happened other way, so sorry. We showed absolutely nothing in Spain. Why? Probably it was somewhere in our subconscious, we gave up in front of a serious contender status. In home match I think that we played well. We showed that we can play with strong teams.

We need to think positively and to tune ourselves for these games. If you think about the bad result already in the mind – this will happen on the field.

This season you scored 9 goals, the same as a year ago. But there is still one game left.

- I really want to score 10 goals. It did not happen ever before, and there is still a match with "Rapid". I will try. I want this season to be the most successful for me.

Also this year there were two very cool goals on your account: into the gate of "Gomel" and "Black Sea". Remember those goals?

- Of course. What has been done in a match with "Gomel" - turned out for the first time. I will try again (laughs).

Of course, I remember the goal to the Bulgarians. This is probably my best goal. People like these goals.

But also this year you could not score for a long time.

- Yes, it was a very difficult time for me. Sometimes I was desperate. This happens in football that you just cannot score. You just have to believe in yourself and go to the purpose.

I scored a lot of goals this year. A goal to "Salzburg" was my 19th goal, and I know that at that time it was a record achievement for the legionary players in "Dinamo". Of course, I was very pleased to get into the history of the club.

But a few days ago you was caught up in this list by Fatos Beqiraj, your good friend. Now he has 19 goals too.

- It's okay (smiling). I'm just happy about it, because he brought us victory in Grodno. He brought a lot of good to us this year.

Yes, we became very good friend with Fatos. I am sure that even if we do not play again together, we will still continue to communicate. Bech - a very good man, a great player and I'm glad that we met.

Does Fatos have progress in Russian language? Earlier you taught Russian to Simovic, and now – to Beqiraj?

- During the year he learned Russian very well. Earlier he couldn’t say a word. Now he has definite success.

And what about you?

- I understand everything and can speak almost with no problem. Sometimes there are problems when one talks fast, but still, practically everything is clear. It was not easy to learn the language of course, but I managed. My wife also speaks Russian good.

But could you sing in Russian?

- Of course I can. We used to visit karaoke with team, but I have not sing yet, I need some help (laughs). I like the song such a good guy with glasses about the best day (laughs). As for Belarusian songs – I didn’t know many of them. From Belarusian artists I can name Saladukha (smiling).

Some of our players, by the way, like to sing when we're winning on a way back home. Udo can do this well. I do not like to sing loudly, mostly just listen. But one time I with Nemanja and Slobodan had to sing a song to our team manager. He really enjoyed it.

At the first training camp of this year you met Lazar Veselinovic, in Pilsen you met Slobodan Simovic. Do you keep in touch with your Serbian friends, you used to play with?

- That time in Turkey I was very glad to meet Lazar. He plays in Korea now, he won the bronze medal with his team in the championship. I am glad for him. I was also very pleased to see Simovic in the Czech Republic. We did not meet each other for a long time. He is a very good person. Wу use to call each other often. Today, I am watching his play over the Internet. And I keep communicating with Nikolic as well.

Who is your best friend in the team now?

- I have good relations with everyone in the team. Но лучше всего общаемся с Гутором и Веретило. Не один раз мы и семьями вместе собирались. Так что очень тесно с ними общаемся не только на тренировках. У нас хорошая дружба. Свой гол «Виктории» я посвятил Олегу, который покинул наш клуб.

В жизни ты всегда стараешься улыбаться, ты можешь себя назвать веселым человеком?

- Назову себя позитивным человеком. Я всегда стараюсь думать позитивно, ведь когда так, то и позитивные моменты в жизни приходят к тебе. Даже когда тяжело, я улыбаюсь. Не люблю показывать своим видом, что у меня что-то плохое случилось. Стараюсь улыбаться всегда – люблю дарить радость людям.

А вспыльчивость подходит тебе? Не раз в этом сезоне болельщики видели твои бурные эмоции после замены.

- Да и такое бывает. Почему так реагировал? В такие моменты, когда проявлялись эти эмоции, мне просто хотелось продолжать играть дальше, но приходилось садиться на скамейку запасных. Но ничего, это эмоции и это футбол. Такое у всех бывает. Есть тренер, который принимает решения, и мы уважаем их, хоть тогда, в те моменты на поле, мы не всегда с этим соглашаемся, но, повторюсь, это эмоции.

Расскажи, кто у вас команде ответственный за веселую атмосферу? Раньше Никита Корзун безоговорочно являлся главным по этому вопросу, но летом в команду пришел Виталий Булыга. Пальма первенства перешла в его руки?

- Да, Виталий очень веселый и позитивный человек (улыбается). Он очень опытный и поэтому знает, в каких моментах нужно развеселить команду, сделать атмосферу, а в каких – нужно быть строгим и серьезным. Но он очень любит веселиться, как и Никита Корзун. Они нашли друг друга (улыбается).

Перед тренировками он обычно и разогревает команду своими приколами. Вот, например, мы только выходим на поле, кто-то просто разминается, кто-то мяч катает, а Булыга любит взять мяч и начинает обыгрывать нас, после чего с очень довольным видом всех нас «подтравливает».

В Минске ты являешься не редким гостем на «Минск-Арене». Нравится хоккей?

- Да, очень. До приезда в Беларусь я видел хоккей только по телевизору. Мне нравится этот вид спорта и я раньше болел за «Оттаву» в НХЛ. А когда приехал сюда – начал ходить на матчи «Динамо». Могу назвать себя болельщиком этой команды. Моей жене тоже нравится. Обычно мы ходим на хоккей семьями с моими партнерами по команде. Очень интересный вид спорта и очень хорошая арена в Минске. Правда, на чемпионат мира мне попасть не удалось, но я следил за матчами по телевизору и болел за Беларусь.

Чем еще занимаешься в свободное время?

- Я стараюсь все свободное время посвящать жене и сыну. Особенно сильно по ним скучаешь во время сборов – ты не видишь семью почти 2 месяца и это самое тяжелое в работе футболиста. Поэтому стараюсь побольше времени проводить с семьей. Любим гулять, отдыхать, главное вместе. А если говорить про себя, то люблю играть на приставке, вот – в баскетбол, например, или люблю смотреть фильмы. Самый любимый фильм – «Трансформеры».

Сын уже начал разговаривать?

- Пока нет, но чувствую, что уже совсем скоро начнет. Ему почти 2 года, так что уже не за горами этот момент (улыбается). Очень внимательно слушает нас и видно, что хочет что-то сказать, но еще не получается. Буду рад, если он будет и по-русски говорить. Недавно звонили родители и рассказывали, что Павел очень любит смотреть на компьютере какую-то русскую детскую передачу, нельзя оттащить от ноутбука (улыбается). Смотрит каждый день и отец мне говорит, что у него уже начинает что-то получаться на русском языке, совсем чуть-чуть.

Интерес к футболу уже начал проявляться?

- Сын любит играть с мячом, но пока ничего серьезного. Мое самое любимое занятие — взять мяч и начать баловаться с Павлом, но в основном ногами пока еще не получается работать – только руками ловит (смеется). Но для меня не важно станет ли он футболистом, главное – чтобы он стал хорошим человеком. Однако, надеюсь, что все-таки он свою жизнь свяжет со спортом.

Сейчас в Сербии очень тяжелое время и я боюсь того, что сын попадет в плохую компанию и начнет заниматься нехорошими вещами. Очень тяжело сейчас нашей молодежи в стране. Хочется, чтобы сын был спортсменом и занимался правильном делом. У меня отец был гандболистом, брат тоже, но из-за травмы закончил выступление. Меня отец тоже с детства приучал к спорту, но не настаивал на гандболе.

Перед футболом я вообще занимался в музыкальной школе, когда был маленьким. Занимался на гармони. Когда-то умел и любил играть на этом инструменте. Если дать сейчас сыграть? Не знаю, нужно потренироваться. Руки помнят, наверное, надо попробовать (смеется).

Твоя супруга часто тебя поддерживает на матчах?

- Да, она всегда старается приходить на футбол. Если играем в Минске – она берет с собой сына. Бывает, может съездить на выездной матч. Несколько раз она летала и в Европу, в прошлом году. В этом сезоне, к сожалению, это не получается из-за сына. Год назад она ездила в Румынию и во Флоренцию. Тогда мы выиграли. Вот, сейчас она собирается ехать в Вену.

То есть можно ждать хорошего результата?

- Ха-ха, может быть (улыбается). Но если серьезно, то это совершенно ничего не значит. Нам просто нужно бороться и показать весь свой максимум чтобы достичь серьезного результата. Знаю, что на матч в Вену собирается приехать большое количество наших болельщиков и я верю, что их поддержка поможет нам, как в прошлом году помогла в Италии. Да, ультрас «Рапида» очень хорошо болеют за свой клуб, лучше, чем это было во Флоренции, но все равно мы знаем, что не будем одни на «Эрнст-Хаппеле» и за нас будут переживать наши поклонники. Постараемся их не подвести.


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