First of May with Dinamo.


Tree planting at Dinamo-Yuni Stadium with Dinamo.





Football club "Dinamo-Minsk" has celebrated Labor Day with a real "hard work". Yesterday at Dinamo-Yuni, the team planting tree for landscaping the stadium and then had a full regular training session. The planting tree event was held in a real family-friendly atmosphere: not only the players of the main team took part in it, but also the coaching staff, office workers, young students of the Academy, as well as club fans with their families.

Before the start of the event, one of the most legendary football players in the history of the club, Eduard Vasilievich Malofeev, made a welcoming speech to all participants:

- Dear friends, today is First of May - the day of spring and labor. I want to congratulate you on this day, my dears. I also want to congratulate you on the upcoming Victory Day. This is a great holiday, and we should not forget about it, never should. Remember those who gave their lives so we could live. Always work hard, no matter what failures you have, just ask yourself: "Did I do everything right", "do I do everything I can?". Don't let difficulties put you on your knees, get up quickly and continue going forward.


The main idea of this action - was to gather all club representatives from all spheres in one place. Each participant had the opportunity to plant his personal Thuja tree, or in the company with his comrade. 250 trees were waiting for the participants. While everyone was watching and listening, the players of the main team took the youngest players under guardianship: they decided to plant trees together.

- We planted a tree with Vlad, pupil from the Academy. I told him that it would be his personal Thuja and he would have to watch after it. He promised he would, - said Aliaksander Chyzh. - In general, it is a great idea, I wish there were more such events, it is cool when not only the main team, but also the children from Academy gather together. As they say, in your life you have to plant a tree, raise a son and build a house. The first thing I did today, now I need to concentrate on the rest of the list.


After planting trees, the fans communicated with players, took pictures, simply were having good time. Dynamosha was waiting for little guests nearby, along with refreshing drinks and snacks. Most of all children's attention was received by a graduate of the Academy and a player of the main team Maksim Shvetsov.

- The main thing is that everyone is happy: children, parents, us, - shared his impressions Maksim. - The mood, of course, is not the best, after an unfortunate defeat, but today is a new day and we must move on, train, correct mistakes. We have only one plan for the upcoming match - victory. We must rehabilitate before ourselves and the fans


Shortly after the main team squad had to go for the training. But by the mood of the players and fans, it was easy to understand that everyone was satisfied. The general results of the event were summed up by the director of the club, Siarhei Pernikau:

- We specifically planned the event in such a way so to be able to work together. Today many people who work for the club and occasionaly don't see each other met together: players, coaching staff, office workers. We are very glad that we managed to get together on such a symbolic date. We are one family and I will repeat it again and again. Football players do their job on the field, the office staff are responsible for their moments, the coaching staff responsible for the result, but in the end we all do one mutual thing.

Separately, the director thanked the fans for their help and contribution. He also expressed his gratitude to the partner of the club, a network of shops "Udachnik". "They provided us with the tools, helped to plan the work, and also participated in planting trees. They really helped us here".


In the end, Siarhei Vasilievich promised - this is not the last event in which fans will be able to take part, a meeting at the training complex in Stayki is also planned. There will be an entertainment program with treats. So it will be possible to take children along".

Well the blue-white May Day was very joyful. As some parents noted, it was a pleasure to participate in preparing the stadium, where the future Dinamo stars will train. Who knows, maybe such an event will become a good tradition of the club. Such meetings are important, especially when there is something to discuss. We will be expecting the next one with impatience.


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