Eduard Malafeev turns 77!


FC «Dinamo Minsk» congratulates Eduard Vasilyevich Malofeev on his birthday!





Eduard Malofeev celebrates his 77th anniversary today!

It's hard to find a football fan on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and even more impossible to meet a fans of «Dinamo- Minsk», who would not have known about Eduard Malofeev!


Today, the legendary football player and coach, the famous veteran of the «Dinamo» celebrates his birthday! Honored Master of Sports Eduard Malofeev as part of our club spent more than three hundred matches in various tournaments, and scored 117 goals, won the bronze medal in the championship of the USSR in 1963, played in the final of the USSR Cup in 1965! In the USSR team he won the silver medal of the European championship 1964 in Spain and took the 4th place at the World Cup 1966 in England.

World Championship in 1966, the USSR - North Korea - 3: 0. Goals: Malofeev (31, 88), Banishevsky (33).


Eduard Malofeev - a member of the Club of scorers of Grigory Fedotov, uniting the Soviet players who have scored more than 100 goals at the highest level.

Under the leadership of Eduard Malofeev, of a honored coach of the USSR and the Byelorussian SSR, «Dinamo- Minsk» won the USSR championship in 1982 and won the bronze medal in 1983.


Eduard Malofeev headed of Olympic and national teams of the USSR. He brought the national team of the USSR on the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

He headed the national team of Belarus. It was under the leadership of Eduard Malofeev when the team achieved the best result in its history - in the qualification round of the world championship-2002, our team nearly passed into the play-offs but finished third in the group.

The administration, players and coaches of FC «Dinamo-Minsk», fans of «Dinamo», thank Eduard of sincere love and dedication to the club football.

We congratulate Eduard Malofeev on his birthday and wish famed football player and coach good health, inexhaustible optimism and long life! God bless you, Eduard Malofeev! Happy Birthday!


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